Top 15 Marketing Experts in Denver in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Denver in 2024

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is an incredible city renowned for its stunning natural surroundings, thriving arts scene, and diverse outdoor recreational opportunities. Moreover, it serves as a hub for various industries, encompassing technology, aerospace, healthcare, and tourism. In this dynamic environment, Denver’s marketing experts thrive as highly skilled professionals who leverage their expertise to craft impactful campaigns. With a profound understanding of digital marketing, content creation, and branding strategies, they adeptly navigate the city’s bustling landscape. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Denver that you can contact right now:


Alexandra Harris

Alexandra, Senior Marketing Manager – Acquisition at Comcast, is recognized for her comprehensive approach to driving revenue growth through innovative marketing strategies and enhancing customer experiences. With a proven track record of executing strategic marketing campaigns effectively, she brings results-driven expertise to the table.
Her expertise spans various marketing channels and techniques, enabling her to conceptualize and implement initiatives aimed at acquiring new customers while maximizing revenue opportunities.


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Annie Wissner

Annie, serving as the Vice President of Marketing at Choozle, draws upon more than two decades of experience in B2B technology marketing and business development. Her expertise lies in brand building, managing acquisitions, and spearheading global expansions, particularly within mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations.
With a proven history of success, Annie’s diverse skill set and seasoned background make her an indispensable force in propelling Choozle’s marketing endeavors to unprecedented levels.


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Bill Decker

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Cardano, Bill brings a wealth of impressive marketing experience to the table. He focuses on branding and positioning, marketing automation, social media, internet marketing, and SEO and has a proven track record of success.
Bill has also built top-ranked media properties with hundreds of thousands of viewers, demonstrating his ability to create impactful marketing strategies that resonate with audiences.


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Chris Nixon

As the Vice President of Marketing at EyeOTmonitor, Chris is an accomplished marketing executive with a demonstrated knack for uncovering distinctive opportunities to drive brand and revenue growth in fresh markets.
With a history of steering marketing strategy for multiple thriving software enterprises, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Chris excels in captivating technology customers, using his expertise to foster engagement and facilitate expansion.


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Erica Blair

With over 17 years of progressive career experience, Erica is a seasoned marketing strategist and leader. She has demonstrated success in assembling high-performance teams and effective communication while assuming diverse roles in professional environments.
Erica’s expertise extends to deploying various marketing strategies guided by a data-driven mindset. Moreover, she possesses experience in designing strategic marketing initiatives and developing cross-functional and direct teams.


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Jenna Blaszczykiewicz

During her extensive 12-year tenure in marketing, Jenna has consistently prioritized brand and creative direction. As an experienced marketing strategist, she is fueled by a passion for devising innovative strategies.
Jenna’s skill set encompasses Strategic Vision, Digital Marketing, Data-Driven Decisions, Brand Management, and other areas. Her notable achievements include orchestrating the successful introduction of over 30 tech products and reorganizing teams twice to facilitate growth.


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Jennifer Burak

Jennifer serves as the VP of Marketing at Socialive, a leading video creation platform. She has a proven history of guiding marketing strategies for both global corporations and burgeoning startups.
With over two decades of experience, she is recognized as a top-performing marketing executive, mainly specializing in B2B demand generation and content marketing. Jennifer’s expertise encompasses Marketing Operations, Branding, Marketing Communications, and other essential domains.


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Kesley Smith

As the Marketing Director at Zoek Marketing, Kesley is known for her ambition and professionalism.
She brings a diverse skill set to the table, including specialties in Creative and Analytical Marketing, Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Partnerships, Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing, and Growth Marketing, among others. Kesley’s expertise also extends to specialty skills such as Data/Analytics and Campaign Management/Reporting.


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Kirill Kniazev

Bringing over 15 years of experience in marketing management, Kirill holds the position of Marketing Director at Modern Family Law. He is responsible for spearheading impactful integrated marketing programs and campaigns that resonate with the organization’s objectives and target audience.
Kirill has a demonstrated history of achieving substantial revenue growth, ranging from seven to nine figures, while also significantly boosting organic website traffic.


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Layne Cox

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Union, Layne has had the privilege to develop and manage marketing strategies and initiatives to address and support key growth opportunities. With a background as a seasoned brand and growth marketer, she possesses profound expertise in nurturing and advancing both B2C and B2B brands.
Layne’s skill set encompasses Brand Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing Operations, E-commerce, and various others.


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Mark D. Buchholz

Mark is the current Senior Marketing, Public Sector Segment Marketing at Spectrum Enterprise and is revered as a seasoned marketing specialist.
He is known for effectively introducing revolutionary and paradigm-shifting technology solutions to the market. Mark has consistently delivered substantial returns on investment. Mark’s career highlights include being recognized with the prestigious Field Sales Manager of the Year award by McGraw-Hill Education in 2006.


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Mary Korus

As Dragos, Inc.’s Principal Product Marketing Manager, Mary is an enthusiastic marketing leader. Her goal is to establish meaningful connections between cutting-edge solutions and their target audiences.
Specializing in developing and implementing innovative Go-To-Market strategies within the competitive cybersecurity sector, Mary brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her primary competencies include Partner Relationship Management and Market Analysis.


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Nicole Shannon

At Outset Medical, Inc., Nicole holds the position of Director of Marketing Communications. With a demonstrated history of building brands and driving change in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, she excels as a brand communications director.
Nicole’s background in public relations, media relations, and corporate communications contributes to her diverse skill set. Her primary skills include Brand Management, Marketing Communications, and Marketing Leadership, which she applies to achieve success and growth for Outset Medical, Inc.


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Samantha Coulter

Samantha is a multifaceted marketing and public relations specialist with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Currently pursuing her MBA in marketing analytics at the University of North Texas, she is dedicated to augmenting her skills and knowledge in the field.
She has collaborated with brands across various industries, encompassing financial services, retail, and manufacturing. Her core proficiencies include Copywriting, Public Relations, and Event Management.


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Sara Miller

As the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at 3Cloud, Sara brings extensive experience working with a variety of brands throughout her career. This includes collaborations with Microsoft, Amazon (AWS), Walmart, Confluent, and several other significant companies.
Sara’s expertise lies in digital marketing, audience building, website and content optimization, and paid media. Her proficiency in these areas has been crucial in crafting targeted narratives for her clients.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Denver in 2024!

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