Top 15 Marketing Experts in Indianapolis in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Indianapolis in 2024

Known for its rich history, the city played a significant role in the development of the Midwest and the United States. Indianapolis is recognized for its vibrant cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods, and a thriving downtown. In this phenomenal city, you will encounter a blend of history, arts, and sports for residents and visitors alike. Thanks to the impressive technological advances, a key character in the development and recognition of this place across frontiers is social media and having such professionals in this field of expertise. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Indianapolis that you can contact right now:


Aisha Herring

Aisha is a proficient marketing and communications expert specializing in managing social media, websites, and communication systems. She’s strong at campaigns, strategy, and storytelling, besides being a leader who embodies a team-oriented spirit.
Her key competencies encompass copy and content editing, creative direction, public speaking and presentations, graphic design, and more.

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Andrew Ashton

Andrew is a seasoned Executive in Marketing known for collaborating with some of the globe’s most renowned brands; he specializes in transforming customers into devoted fans. His main goal is to achieve tangible growth through innovative strategies and building high-performing teams.
He’s currently enrolled in Nestlé Health Science as Head of Performance of Marketing.

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Andrew Harder

Andrew’s primary skills include GTM strategy, content/website management, events coordination, and digital media.
With over five years of experience in marketing, he has held significant roles in various enterprises such as Cisco and Webex Events; he currently serves as the Director of Marketing at Prolific.

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Carissa Newton

With over twenty-five years of experience in various industries, such as insurance, finance, technology, and security, Carissa is a seasoned marketing leader.
Specializing in strategic planning, branding, corporate communications, and retail technology, she has successfully shaped marketing efforts for companies of all sizes.

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Douglas Karr

As a digital transformation expert acknowledged in the realms of digital marketing and technology, Douglas has co-founded several companies and served as a valuable resource for numerous marketing and tech startups and trendy online publications, such as Martech Zone. His experience makes him excel in executing campaigns in different channels.

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Gary Melliere

Known for consistently achieving record results, Gary is a marketing executive who has worked across different organizations, such as non-profit ones.
Specializing in various aspects such as brand strategy and management, marketing consulting, sponsorship marketing, and digital marketing, among others. His proficiency in these areas makes him a valuable asset in the dynamic marketing field.

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Holly Enneking

Proficient in messaging, brand awareness, and unique digital experiences, Holly fosters collaborative, high-functioning teams.
Specializing in operations, event marketing, partner/channel marketing, and customer marketing, she is a senior leader with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results.

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Justin Keller

He’s created and promoted tech brands for nearly two decades using clever marketing. With lots of experience, he’s good at putting together marketing, operations, sales, and customer success.
As an award-winning B2B marketer, Justin finished studies in English and psychology, got an honors certificate from the Kelley School of Business, and completed an MBA in general management at Purdue.

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Leah Beyer

She brings a background in agricultural economics and agricultural education, with diverse roles engaging industry and farmers.
Nonetheless, Leah has over 15 years of experience driving strategies and delivering results in digital marketing and communications. Currently, she leads a team of over 20 members, guiding the design and execution of digital marketing strategies.

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Maggie Miller

With over 14 years of experience in performance marketing, digital marketing, price promotions, eCommerce, marketplace strategy, online strategy, and retail media, Maggie currently holds the position of Senior Director of Omni Retail Marketing at Delta Faucet Company.
She is fervently dedicated to transforming businesses to thrive in an omnichannel and eCommerce environment.

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Melissa Simon

An award-winning executive marketing professional with 15 years of experience, she is recognized for her leadership in leading teams and inspiring brands.
Melissa is a visionary and high-energy leader currently enrolled in Lenovo as the Director of Worldwide Infrastructure Services Marketing. Her specialties include demand generation, marketing strategy, and the seamless integration of digital media.

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Paola Cubides

Passionate about designing strategies to enhance company goals, she brings over five years of experience in public relations, marketing, digital strategy, event planning, and organizational development.
With a diverse background in collaborating with multicultural teams, Paola holds multiple digital marketing and analytics certifications.

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Shawn Herring

Dedicated to steering revenue growth for high-growth companies, Shawn is the Chief Marketing Officer at airSlate.
This SaaS marketing executive has direct experience in developing, managing, and leading areas such as Engagement Marketing, Demand Generation Programs, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Field Marketing.

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Trisha Smith

Experienced in Growth Marketing, Digital Strategy, Advertising Sales, and Media Planning, among others.
Trisha is a seasoned marketing strategist with a proven track record of success in the eCommerce, healthcare, food and beverage, and higher education industries. She’s currently occupying the position of Director of Growth Marketing at Helpful.

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Yaremi Alicea Morales

Possessing extensive marketing experience, she has effectively spearheaded innovative global brand strategies and campaigns health-associated. Being an inclusive leader, Yaremi is renowned for nurturing individuals and achieving remarkable business results.
As the Global Marketing Senior Director at Eli Lilly and Company, she is in charge of positioning the brand to guarantee brand and market expansion.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Indianapolis in 2024!

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