Top 15 Marketing Experts Los Angeles

Top 15 Marketing Experts in Los Angeles in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Los Angeles in 2024

Los Angeles, is a city known for its diverse cultural landscape, entertainment industry, and booming tech sector. It attracts a multitude of marketing experts who thrive in its dynamic environment. These professionals are adept at leveraging LA’s unique blend of creativity and innovation to craft compelling marketing strategies that resonate globally. Whether in film, fashion, tech startups, or traditional industries, LA’s marketing experts excel in creating campaigns that capture attention, drive engagement, and propel brands to success in the competitive global market. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Los Angeles that you can contact right now:


Amanda Natividad

Amanda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from UCLA. She serves as the Vice President of Marketing at SparkToro, a company specializing in audience research. Amanda instructs Content Marketing 201 and has been a guest lecturer at institutions such as Columbia Business School, Cornell University, Stanford University, and the University of Washington. With a passion for effective communication and market insights, she continually contributes to advancing the field of content marketing.


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Ben Goldhaber

Ben is the Senior Director of Marketing at Forge, where he has developed top-tier go-to-market strategies to launch new products successfully. He specializes in building relationships, leading teams, strategizing content, and aligning organizations to achieve results for his team and partners. His core competencies include Strategic Partnerships, Community Management, and Team Management.


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Brooke McKnight

Brooke is a seasoned marketing executive, currently in a marketing role at Netflix. She is well-known for her expertise in brand development and achieving remarkable growth outcomes. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated unwavering resilience and a profound ability to navigate various marketing environments. Her primary proficiencies encompass Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


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Frank Cerna

Frank, currently serving as the Marketing Director at Next Generation Builders Inc., boasts over a decade of experience in the field. He is deeply committed to devising and implementing impactful marketing strategies that drive business growth and enhance brand visibility. With a solid history of achieving tangible outcomes, Frank remains proactive in exploring novel methodologies to stay abreast of industry trends. His leadership fosters a dynamic environment where innovation thrives and goals are exceeded.


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Heike Young

Heike is currently the Senior Director of Content Strategy at the Brand Marketing Team, bringing over 14 years of experience dedicated to crafting innovative content that fuels brand growth. She excels in overseeing social media accounts for brands with extensive follower bases. Heike holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with Honors from Anderson University and has produced and co-hosted a critically acclaimed marketing podcast for Salesforce. Her enduring passion for content marketing drives her ongoing quest for excellence in the industry.


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Josh Howard

Josh, an entrepreneur driven by impact, assumed the role of Director of Business Development & Marketing – US Hotels at Buzz in June 2023. With a background in law and international relations & geography, he earned Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees from Monash University. Recognized for his strategic growth initiatives and adeptness in forging partnerships within the hospitality sector, Josh is dedicated to pioneering innovation and achieving excellence within Buzz’s US hotel division.


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Kimberly Hatton

Kimberly serves as the Principal Product Marketing professional for the Financial Services Industry at Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging nearly two decades of expertise in industry, product, and sales marketing. Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in guiding firms across various sectors to establish impactful brands, design distinctive customer experiences, and implement digital strategies that drive rapid growth. Kimberly excels in developing comprehensive marketing strategies that adapt to market dynamics and deliver significant outcomes.


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Lia Zneimer

Lia serves as the VP of Marketing at Teal, leveraging her deep expertise in content strategy and social media leadership. She has successfully led global teams in both early-stage and rapidly growing startup settings. With a solid background in brand marketing strategy, editorial management, internal communications, and fostering community engagement, Lia consistently delivers impactful outcomes. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.


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Lisa Perry

Lisa, currently Fractional Marketing at Captivating Solutions, has crafted a distinguished career in global brand marketing. She specializes in developing brand strategies, launching innovative products, executing integrated marketing campaigns, and forming impactful partnerships that drive double-digit growth and enhance brand awareness. Lisa’s expertise spans from Fortune 100 companies to emerging growth startups. Her core skills include Branding, Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Global Marketing, and other critical areas.


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Maria Rodriguez

Maria is the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at Open Influence, which has given her vast experience in journalism, PR, and brand marketing. A skilled bilingual storyteller, she is dedicated to fostering connections through innovative leadership and strategic insight. Maria is recognized for her ability to excel in collaborative settings, adeptly navigating cross-functional collaboration and leading talented teams to deliver meaningful outcomes.


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Natasha Younge

Natasha, currently serving as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Baker Social Solutions, offers a dynamic approach to digital marketing, social media strategy, community management, and consulting. She holds an MBA in Management with a specialization in the Creative Economy and has recently achieved a Digital Marketing Certificate from UC Berkeley Extension. Natasha’s professional background includes extensive experience in national television series and commercials, highlighting her versatile skills and creative acumen.


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Ron Dawson

Ron serves as the Principal Content Strategist at HubSpot for Startups, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience across business development, financial analysis, team leadership, and brand and content marketing. He is passionate about empowering brands to craft compelling narratives and execute effective marketing campaigns. Ron also contributes to podcasting and other captivating fields, reflecting his dynamic career journey from large corporations to startups.


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Simon Akrouche

Simon leads as Head of Marketing at PackageX, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit with years of experience in software companies. His expertise lies in developing robust acquisition and demand generation campaigns that drive pipeline and revenue growth. Simon specializes in Growth Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Marketing Operations, and other strategic areas. He excels in crafting effective marketing initiatives to capture and convert existing market demand through intent channels, while also innovating to generate new demand in social channels.


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Toni Alicante

Toni is the Marketing Manager at Advantech USA, holding a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Marketing from Cal State Fullerton, College of Business and Economics. She boasts a wealth of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, with a strong emphasis on events marketing. Toni excels in crafting integrated marketing strategies, digital marketing, and leveraging social media networks effectively.


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Victoria Lane

Victoria serves as an Influencer Marketing (Campaign) Associate at Aspire, leveraging a successful 4-year tenure as a Social Media Manager. She specializes in partnering with startups and medium-sized businesses to boost brand visibility and ensure their social media profiles stand out. Victoria excels in integrating fresh platforms and creative concepts to develop impactful marketing campaigns that effectively resonate with audiences.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Los Angeles in 2024!

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