Top 15 Marketing Experts in Miami in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Miami in 2024

Miami, known for its culture, beautiful beaches, and diverse population, is also home to a thriving marketing scene. Marketing experts in Miami are renowned for their creativity, adaptability, and cultural awareness. With the city’s unique blend of Latin American and American influences, marketing professionals here excel in reaching diverse audiences and crafting campaigns that resonate on both local and global scales. These experts often leverage Miami’s dynamic atmosphere to infuse their campaigns with energy and excitement, drawing inspiration from the city’s art, music, and nightlife scenes. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Miami that you can contact right now:


Adam Ruonala

Adam Ruonala holds the position of Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Century Arms and Canik USA. Renowned for his skill in creative campaigns, he champions “nontraditional” advertising as the future in the ever-evolving market landscape. An alumnus of the University of South Carolina, Ruonala launched his marketing career with roles in sales, promotions, and marketing at Clear Channel Radio, a prominent entity in the top 100 markets.


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Ana Maria Henao

Ana Maria is a seasoned Vice President of Marketing with 20 years of high-level experience in Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. Acknowledged as a global marketer, consumer advocate, and pioneering leader in the digital era, she is dedicated to propelling business growth through comprehensive market and consumer analysis. Ana Maria is a motivational marketing leader with a fervor for fostering success in the continuously changing market landscape.

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Anthony Miyazaki

Anthony is a Marketing Professor at the Florida International University – College of Business. He has led skilled teams of marketers, logisticians, and administrators who continually innovated to meet our objectives. Additionally, he created the unique Master’s degree in Marketing, which emphasizes Digital Marketing, Brand Development, and Marketing Analytics.


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Avery Akkineni

Avery, serving as Chief Marketing Officer at VaynerX and Managing Director of VaynerLatAm, is at the forefront of digital marketing and emerging technologies. She directs brand strategy, content, events, and communications. During her tenure of six years at Vayner, Avery has driven significant growth by introducing new ventures and leading global expansion initiatives.


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Devon Laffey

Devon, the Marketing Director for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Laffey International Realty, Fillmore Real Estate, and Hamptons Real Estate. With a focus on hyper-growth, Devon has been instrumental in BHHS Laffey International Realty’s transformation into New York’s fastest-growing luxury brokerage. Devon holds a BBA in Marketing and Business Technology from the University of Miami Herbert Business School, bringing both analytical expertise and creative flair to her role.


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Jacob Halverson

Jacob, the Director of Marketing Strategy at, possesses a diverse skill set essential for driving marketing success. His expertise lies in building and managing brands, crafting engaging content, and designing and developing websites to enhance brand visibility and engagement. Through his multifaceted skill set and strategic approach, Jacob plays a pivotal role in steering’s marketing endeavors toward success.


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Johanna Carvajal

In her role as a Family Service Counselor at Service Corporation International, Johanna assists families in making informed and meaningful decisions regarding their final arrangements. With over four years of experience in this field, she has honed strong skills in sales and marketing, customer service, and communication. Johanna’s passion lies in fostering and nurturing relationships with clients, as well as collaborating with social media influencers to promote the company’s services and products.


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Julia Callahan

As the Global Marketing Director at My City Teez, LLC, Julia has meticulously crafted a strong professional foundation over the past 16 years as a digital marketing strategist. She possesses expertise across a diverse range of industries, including entertainment, e-commerce, mass media marketing, and corporate advertising. This breadth of experience equips Julia with the capabilities needed to drive marketing success and foster growth at My City Teez, LLC.


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Kate Gonzalez

Kate, holding the position of Field Marketing Manager at XAPT Corporation, boasts extensive experience as a Marketing Manager with a penchant for creativity and a history of implementing impactful digital marketing strategies. Her primary competencies encompass Brand Management, Consumer Research, and proficiency in Email Marketing Software. Eager to apply her expertise, Kate seeks opportunities to contribute to the growth and success of a dynamic organization by deploying her innovative strategies and insights.


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Laura Jayne Powers

Laura, who currently holds the role of Social Media Manager at the National Marine Manufacturers Association, is a Digital Marketing expert with a fervent commitment to realizing brands’ creative visions through exceptional content creation and strategic planning. With a proven history of entrepreneurship, she has founded multiple small businesses across various industries. Laura’s broad experience uniquely positions her to spearhead effective digital marketing campaigns and enhance the association’s success.


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Elizabeth Spektor

Elizabeth, serving as the Head of Growth Marketing at, is a visionary leader in demand generation with a zeal for linking products to customers in both the B2B and B2C sectors. She achieves this through data-informed decisions, executing impactful digital and offline campaigns, and creating captivating content. Elizabeth’s innovative strategies and strategic acumen foster growth and elevate brands in the ever-evolving market landscape.


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Maria Valdivieso

Maria, a Partner at McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales Practice based in the Miami area office, specializes in partnering with B2B and consumer companies across the United States, Latin America, and Europe to develop advanced sales capabilities that exceed market growth. She is also a published author, contributing articles on sales management to esteemed business magazines such as Harvard Business Review, European Business Review, and McKinsey Quarterly. Maria’s expertise and contributions are widely respected in the field of sales management.


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Sabrina Velazquez

Sabrina is presently engaged in digital marketing consulting and is continually eager to network with like-minded professionals. Previously, she has held positions at renowned companies and brands such as NBC, MasterChef Latino, Latin Billboards, NBA, Latin American Music Awards, E! Entertainment, and Telemundo, among others. Sabrina has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most innovative companies in the industry, ranging from TikTok to BuzzFeed. Currently, she serves as the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Televisa Univision.


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Sophia Deluz

In her role as Director of Marketing and Events at, Sophia leverages her experience gained from working with animal welfare nonprofits such as The Humane League, where she led impactful promotions and campaigns. A graduate of NYU, Sophia has developed her career in digital marketing and public relations, now applying her expertise at LinkGraph and SearchAtlas as the Director of Marketing.


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Stephanie Davies

Stephanie serves as the VP of Digital Marketing at The PPI Group, where she applies her expertise as a seasoned creative marketing specialist. Throughout her professional journey, she has specialized in crafting imaginative marketing campaigns that yield tangible outcomes for clients within the broadcast and entertainment sectors. Stephanie has collaborated with leading brands, contributing to the development of captivating content and strategic marketing strategies aimed at enhancing revenue and fostering expansion.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Miami in 2024!

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