Top 15 Marketing Experts in Nashville in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Nashville in 2024

Nashville, the capital of the state of Tennessee, is well-known as the “Music City” thanks to its impressive musical heritage and for being a vibrant live music scene. In addition to its importance in the musical industry, this city is home to several universities and colleges, making it a remarkable center for areas such as healthcare, transportation and publishing. Due to this, technology plays an indisputable role in the growth of different industries, making it indispensable to have the most qualified professionals in this area of knowledge. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Nashville that you can contact right now:


Amy Porterfield

Specializing in guiding entrepreneurs, Amy excels in building digital businesses, with expertise in email list development, digital course creation, and webinar promotion. Entrepreneurs seek her for proven strategies and to be able to navigate the digital landscape.

She also hosts a podcast called “Simplified Online Marketing,” where, in each episode, she provides actionable strategies for starting, growing, and automating digital enterprises.

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Ash Kennedy

Ash is a Marketing Strategist with over eight years of experience who delivers marketing services to different businesses. Her offerings include complete Social Media Management, Content Creation, and Outreach designed to enhance brand awareness and engagement.

She’s the head of Ash Kennedy Social Marketing, which started five years ago and is thriving in the social media industry.

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Cori Linder

Cori is an experienced marketing executive currently enrolled as VP of Brand & Marketing at Polygroup. She has a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from USC and a B.A. degree in Communication Studies from UCLA. This has allowed her to collect over 25 years of branding and content development expertise, covering marketing, journalism, corporate communications, PR, copywriting, blogging, and social media.

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Danny Vendrell

Danny is the current Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Hubspot, leading the go-to-market strategies and ongoing demand for products, among others.

He’s passionate about marketing, always willing to create something new with the help of his team, and testing new things to achieve a great result.

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Gabrielle Denny

As the VP of Marketing at Best Websites, Gabrielle leads a team of marketing experts specializing in enhancing online visibility and reputation growth. With over 12 years of experience in marketing and photography, she is a passionate and creative professional committed to assisting businesses and individuals in achieving their best.

Her responsibilities include overseeing marketing plans and projects and integrating marketing objectives across departments, among others.

To learn more about her strategies, talk to Gabrielle!





Jessica Batty

Jessica began in event marketing in the NY metro area, then broadened into a strategic marketing role, reporting to the CMO. Managing events in the UK and North America, she developed a passion for domestic and international marketing strategies.

She currently occupies the Senior Vice President of Marketing position at Fluent, Inc. Besides her job, Jessica is a member of Chief, a private women’s network of executive leaders.

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Kacy Maxwell

Leading a team at Provisions Group as the Chief Marketing Officer, Kacy brings 17 years of marketing expertise. Specializing in crafting and executing effective strategies for business growth, he has worked across diverse clients.

His skills include consumer research, media buying, website development, e-commerce, customer segmentation, and social media marketing.

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Lauren Stallworth Imbrosciano

Formerly the Media Director of Brand Partnerships at VDX, TV, Lauren led a team designing and executing customized campaigns for leading brands.
With over 12 years of experience in advertising and marketing, she leverages her expertise to assist clients in achieving branding and performance goals. Her proficiency extends to expanding campaign reach, creating new revenue opportunities, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Lyndsey Rojas

Lyndsey is a Marketing Leader focused on building and developing dynamic international marketing teams. She focuses on guiding these teams to design and execute purposeful, effective marketing strategies, ensuring they deliver exceptional results for both the brand and the business.

She’s currently enrolled as VP of Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions at IFS, a company where she has more than seven years of career.

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Massoud Kheder

Starting his marketing career in 2019, Massoud has gained valuable experience in this field, working as a freelancer and under contracts. He’s skilled at business growth, Collaboration, and Copywriting, among others.
Besides his professional path, Massoud also loves traveling and meditating.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Massoud and learning about marketing, do not hesitate to text him! You can check his LinkedIn profile for more information.














Michelle M. Johnson

Michelle is a Marketing expert with over 20 years of expertise in market research, product marketing, and more; she’s dedicated to fostering the growth of individuals, products, and organizations. She embodies a work ethic focused on delivering results, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a robust commitment to collaboration and leadership.

She’s the VP of Marketing of the Americas at GEODIS, where she leads demand generation, public relations, and sales enablement initiatives, among others.

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Nicole Herbeck

This Marketing expert is focused on hiring other experienced colleagues to work with disruptive brands at Creative People. Nicole is currently enrolled at this company as a Senior Marketing Agent.

With more than five years of expertise in the marketing industry, Nicole is also a travel, writing, and yoga lover.

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Paul Scherffius

Paul is an experienced marketing consultant with a proven track record in marketing and advertising, specializing in the retail and home furnishings sector.

Among his multiple skills, it is remarkable to mention Digital Marketing, Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Social Media Advertising.

Check his LinkedIn profile, which are his main areas of expertise and what problems he’s used to facing!













Theresa Eatherly

Theresa is a professional at creating marketing strategies for B2Bs and has gained recognition for her impressive approaches. It’s important to mention that among her marketing aptitudes, such as project management, social media marketing, and relationship building, Theresa is also a Multimedia Producer and a Certified Coach.

A complete multitasker, impressive!

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Vannesia Darby

Vannesia Darby is an award-winning entertainment marketer who has led campaigns for Sony Music, Universal Music, the YMCA, and others. Recognized for being a dynamic speaker and writer, her works appear in Teen Vogue and Thought Catalog.

Vannesia is developing as a Digital Marketing Manager at Shondaland and pursuing a Ph.D. in Management with a marketing focus at Kennesaw State University.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Nashville in 2024!

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