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Top 15 Marketing Experts in Orlando in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Orlando in 2024

Orlando is a renowned vacation destination, attracting visitors primarily due to its world-famous theme parks, such as the Walt Disney World Resort. The city features a dynamic cultural and entertainment scene, with lots of theaters, museums, and outdoor recreational activities. Additionally, Orlando serves as a central hub for conventions and conferences, showcasing a modern convention center. Due to all of this, Orlando plays an important role in the social media industry, being home to several renowned experts in this area. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Orlando that you can contact right now:


Amy Wise

Amy Wise, VP of Marketing at Special Olympics International, has 25 years of strategic business development experience. Formerly leading in AAF, NHL, AHL, and collegiate athletics, she now collaborates for athlete well-being and inclusion.

Beyond her role, she actively supports charitable causes, contributing to the Women of Distinction committee with the Girl Scouts of Citrus and participating in the Community Engagement Committee at CareerSource Florida.

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Justin Gallo

As the Founder of Gallo Labs and the VP of Marketing at Onsite Safety, Justin Gallo specializes in growing Creative and Marketing teams.

Proficient in management, mentorship, goal-setting, KPIs, Agile Development, Graphic & Web Design, UI/UX Design, Front-End Web Development, and Video production, he values the partnerships formed in his journey.

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Kris Pakizer

Kris Pakizer is the Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Siemens Energy; he skillfully transforms vision into strategy and tangible outcomes. Proficient in Brand Design, Digital Marketing Strategies, Product and Customer Marketing, Market Research, Strategic Planning, Sales Expansion, Idea Innovation, and Program Management, his diverse expertise drives excellence.

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Maha Jane A.

In her role as a Marketing and Event Manager, Maha Jane excels in steering effective campaigns and events, utilizing data for business expansion.

Renowned for being a very curious person, she possesses expertise in Communication, B2B Marketing Strategy, Sales & Marketing Alignment, and other areas, displaying a dynamic and strategic approach.

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Mark Patterson

Mark, a five-time Stevie Award winner for Marketing Executive of the Year in both American and International Business Awards, is a top-notch brand expert. With almost 20 years in the direct selling industry and a traditional brand management education from the University of Utah, he’s recognized for guiding billion-dollar brands globally. He excels in creative services, advertising, public relations, social media, and more.

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Michelle Killebrew

With over 20 years of experience in global enterprise technology, startups, and privately held companies, Michelle is a data-driven marketing executive committed to enhancing brand experiences for growth and profitability.

Renowned for surpassing objectives through team inspiration, she specializes in leadership, go-to-market strategy, digital marketing, demand generation, content marketing, and more.

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Michelle Rademacher

In her current role as a Business Development and Marketing Strategist at Forum Architecture and Interior Design Inc., Michelle brings a wealth of expertise in Business Development, cultivating Executive-Level Relationships, forging Strategic Partnerships, providing Coaching & Mentoring, and demonstrating Market Expertise.

If you want to know more about Michelle and her skills, we invite you to visit her LinkedIn profile right now!














Mike Taback

As the Director of Marketing at Crawford Thomas Recruiting, Mike boasts an extensive nine-year experience with the company. Crawford Thomas Recruiting is a full-service employee recruitment firm that specializes in sales, accounting, and information technology. Its collaborative approach with industry-leading companies and seasoned professionals ensures the best career opportunities.

Go and check on his LinkedIn profile, which are his main areas of expertise and what kind of problems he’s used to facing!















Nicholas Regueiro

With a background in marketing strategy and account management for brands like Disney, McDonald’s, and PBS, Nicholas has crafted 360 marketing programs for high-profile franchises and national retail activations.
His goal is to tell imaginative stories, driven by strengths like Achiever, Futuristic, Arranger, Includer, and Positivity.

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Nichole Campbell

As an award-winning marketing professional with 15 years of experience, Nichole excels in driving brand equity, expanding markets, fostering customer loyalty, and enhancing SaaS business valuations. Her proven track record includes developing integrated marketing plans, securing global press coverage, and forging strategic partnerships.

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Ray Lau

With more than 15 years in marketing, he’s known for his skill in telling stories, focusing on growth, and building customer support. He works with the sales team to create effective strategies and collaborates with customer success for a better post-sale experience.

Recognized with some awards throughout his career, his main skills include marketing strategy, B2B marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and product marketing.

Explore his profile to learn about his mind-blowing work.
















Rebecca Larin

As a Marketing Manager focused on B2B Marketing and Partnerships at Travel + Leisure Co, she stands out for her expertise in budget optimization and crafting impactful campaigns across various channels such as email, social, and B2B partnerships.

Proficient in tools like HubSpot and Figma, she skillfully directs successful partnership initiatives, leading end-to-end lifecycle strategies.

If you want to know more about Rebecca and her skills, we invite you to visit her LinkedIn profile right now!

















Seth Freeman

In his current role as the SVP of Integrated Marketing at Universal Destinations & Experiences, Seth excels in Leading High-Performing Teams, Brand Strategy, Product Innovation, P&L Management, Integrated Campaign Development, and Digital Marketing.

At the helm, he guides a stellar team, including content creators, media planners/buyers, brand strategists, and agency partners, delivering impactful advertising and consumer experiences for the Universal brand.

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Shaquira Skarica

With more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing, Shaquira excels in PPC, Paid Social Media Advertising, SEO, and Web Development. Using AI tools, she drives impactful brand awareness, revenue growth, and scalable campaigns.

Her empathetic content inspires, educates, and motivates diverse audiences. Thriving in fast-paced settings, she’s a proven leader of successful teams.

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Willy Rivera

Wilfredo Rivera, starting as a Sales Associate Manager, has climbed the ranks at Megatrax to become the Director of Business Development in Latin America.

In his eighteen-year career, Willy’s efforts have driven unprecedented growth in Latin markets, fostering enduring relationships with top clients in broadcasting, radio, and agencies throughout the region.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Orlando in 2024!

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