Top 15 Marketing Experts San Francisco

Top 15 Marketing Experts in San Francisco in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in San Francisco in 2024

San Francisco, renowned as a tech hub and cultural melting pot, boasts a vibrant marketing scene teeming with experts at the forefront of innovation. In this dynamic city, marketing professionals harness cutting-edge strategies to navigate ever-evolving landscapes, from digital platforms to traditional channels. San Francisco’s marketing experts are known for their adaptability, creativity, and ability to leverage emerging trends to drive success for both local startups and global corporations. With a unique blend of analytical prowess and creative flair, these professionals shape narratives, craft compelling campaigns, and forge connections that resonate with audiences worldwide. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in San Francisco that you can contact right now:


Ajay Kaul

Ajay serves as the Global Head of Growth Marketing at DiDi. With a career spanning more than 27 years, he is a distinguished leader in global marketing, specializing in the development and expansion of brands, and the generation of demand through digital, social, and traditional media platforms. Ajai possesses extensive expertise in results-oriented marketing, customer relationship management, and digital transformation.


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Andrea Durossette

Andrea is the Director of Accessories Merchandising & Marketing at Stella & Dot. She is a versatile professional with a rich background in visual merchandising and styling, both at the in-store and corporate levels, as well as in interior design and marketing. Her expertise and experience can offer immediate and lasting benefits to the overall profitability and success of any organization.


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Andrea D







Andrea Long

Andrea is presently the Event Marketing Manager at Firewood Events. She holds an educational background in Communication and Exercise Biology. Her key skills include marketing, human resources and personnel management, along with talent acquisition and recruitment. Andrea excels in organizing and executing successful events, bringing creativity and strategic planning to every project. Her ability to connect with people and manage teams effectively contributes significantly to the success of her initiatives.


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Andrea L









Gina Chen

Gina holds the position of VP of Growth Marketing at BigPanda. Renowned as a committed marketing executive, she consistently achieves impactful outcomes. Gina adeptly leads dynamic, data-informed organizations with a collaborative approach. Her proficiencies encompass marketing strategy and analytics, along with demand generation. Her leadership drives BigPanda towards unprecedented growth and success.


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Gregory Daly

Gregory currently spearheads Demand Generation and Digital Marketing efforts at Synopsys Inc. He boasts a robust background of 15+ years in digital marketing, e-commerce sales, and demand generation, garnered from prominent SaaS and technology global brands. His proficiencies encompass strategic marketing planning, digital marketing strategy, user experience design operations and execution, and e-commerce business operations, among other areas of expertise.


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Jason McClelland

Jason holds the role of Chief Marketing Officer at DataStax, where he showcases his talent as a transformative leader and team architect. He played a pivotal role in the establishment of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, underscoring his capacity to spearhead and expand global business initiatives. Jason is recognized for his skill in crafting and executing growth strategies, as well as cultivating top-performing teams. His leadership ethos prioritizes the execution necessary for achieving hyperscale objectives.


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Joymarie Parker

Joymarie is currently a Global Integrated Marketing Manager at Meta, working within the WhatsApp Consumer Marketing division. Her areas of expertise include integrated marketing, storytelling, experiential events on both large and small scales, sponsorship partnerships, and creator marketing. In her previous role at Meta, she was part of the founding team behind the conceptualization and launch of #BuyBlack Friday within the Global Business Marketing department.


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Kevin Bennett

Kevin has accumulated over two decades of extensive experience encompassing global marketing campaigns, operations, analytics, sales leadership, digital marketing, campaign marketing, and process automation. As a fervent and growth-oriented leader, he has consistently delivered high-quality pipeline, revenue growth, and increased market velocity. Kevin’s proficiencies span numerous areas, including Growth Marketing, ABM, Pipeline Management, Advanced Marketing Analytics, Strategic Planning, Demand Generation, Partner and Customer Go-to-Market, and SDR Development, among others.


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Kimbre Lancaster

Kimbre served until recently as the Director of Strategic Event Marketing at PagerDuty, a cutting-edge platform for real-time operations. With more than 15 years of experience, she specializes in implementing impactful marketing initiatives for B2B software enterprises. Kimbre’s passion lies in restoring humanity to the technical landscape by orchestrating immersive and interactive experiences


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Matt Connolly

Matt, in his role as the VP of Marketing at ONE Championship, stands out as an experienced sports media executive. He leads the way in brand and event marketing, social and digital content creation, and owned and earned media. With over ten years in the industry, Matt has been pivotal in shaping strategy and execution for industry frontrunners. Particularly noteworthy is his achievement in building a 40-person department from scratch, accelerating ONE Championship’s rise to a top 10 sports property for digital viewership and engagement, as acknowledged by Nielsen.


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Nichole Trish Ricafrente

At Active Design Studio, Nichole holds the role of Partner and Sales and Marketing Consultant. She brings a breadth of experience, overseeing digital products and printing services, and directing social media and email marketing campaigns. Nichole’s key proficiencies encompass Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy, Business-to-Business (B2B) engagement, Graphic Design, and more. Her diverse expertise and strategic approach significantly contribute to the accomplishments of Active Design Studio and its clientele.


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Ritu Kapoor

As the Chief Marketing Officer at Observe.AI, Ritu has been instrumental in fostering both organic and inorganic growth for the organization. She takes pride in spearheading the formation and leadership of global teams and overseeing the introduction of over 20 enterprise platforms and products. Ritu’s expertise spans across nine first-generation software offerings, two acquisitions, and the creation of three new software categories. Additionally, she has crafted product roadmaps, narratives, and solution-driven content to develop competitive products and ensure enduring brand value.


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Tara Ryan

Serving as the Chief Marketing Officer at Saviynt, Tara possesses more than 25 years of accomplishments in global marketing across diverse technology sectors, such as ERP, mid-market, SMB, and security. Throughout her professional journey, she has been pivotal in accelerating the growth of numerous SaaS, IPO, and publicly traded companies. Tara collaborates closely with executives and board members to strategize, develop, and implement global branding, communications, websites, field programs, public relations, investor relations, and demand generation strategies.


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Thelema Dietler

In her role as a Marketing & Strategy Consultant, Thelema is profoundly dedicated to the evolving landscape of emerging technologies, notably AI, blockchain, and web3. Renowned for her creativity and data-driven approach, she specializes in aiding Web3 protocols, DAOs, and AI startups. Thelema excels in devising, planning, coordinating, and executing impactful campaigns, all while prioritizing team development and process expansion.


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Vince Chan

With a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from San Jose State University, Vince serves as a Senior Marketing Specialist at Gong. He excels in guiding clients through the sales pipeline and building long-lasting relationships. Vince finds intrinsic value in witnessing the success of businesses and is committed to delivering results that positively impact both Gong and its clients.


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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in San Francisco in 2024!

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