Top 15 Marketing Experts in Tampa in 2024


Top 15 Marketing Experts in Tampa in 2024

Tampa, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is a bustling city known for its varied cultural scene, beautiful waterfront, and rich history. As a hub for business and innovation, Tampa has cultivated a set of skilled marketing experts contributing to the city’s dynamic economic environment. With a focus on creativity and strategic thinking, Tampa’s marketing experts play a crucial role in shaping the city’s branding landscape. So, without further delay, here are The Top 15 Marketing Experts in Tampa that you can contact right now:


Afroza Khan

With more than 11 years of experience in content creation and marketing communications, Afroza took on the role of marketing manager at DermCare Management.
Leading the development of impactful social media campaigns and influential influencer marketing strategies, her passion lies in crafting high-quality content that highlights the latest trends. Committed to enhancing brand reputation and awareness, she stays informed about market dynamics and consumer preferences.

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Allie Singer

Demonstrating an expert grasp of marketing trends, Allie excels in crafting innovative campaigns that capture the interest of potential clients and foster revenue growth.
A seasoned and results-driven VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy, her passion revolves around luxury and lifestyle hotels. Her strategic and dynamic approach sets the tone for success in senior sales, marketing, and e-commerce executive roles across various organizations.

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Charlie Scholz

With over a decade of extensive industry expertise, he emerges as a seasoned marketing leader and innovative thinker. Charlie has spearheaded large-scale marketing campaigns and effectively managed budgets for different of clients and companies, consistently achieving outstanding performance and driving revenue growth.

His proficiency spans diverse domains, including SEO, social media, analytics, content marketing, and more.

Currently, Charlie is the Senior Director of Marketing for True Connection Communities, a national brand of luxury senior living communities headquartered in Tampa Bay.

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Dana Metz

Applying industry-leading methodologies and staying at the forefront of emerging strategies, he boasts a history of success in devising impactful marketing strategies for live entertainment, consumer goods, and retail.
Dana specializes in establishing connections between consumers and experiences through well-executed brand awareness initiatives.

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Edward Foster

Presently holding the role of Principal and Co-Founder at Precision Digital, a digital media consultancy that offers in-house client team support to full agency-managed services. His core competencies include Social Media, Programmatic Media Buying, and Digital Strategy.
Edward started his career in digital advertising as one of the pioneering employees in Europe for Overture.

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Elina Vilk

She takes pride in constructing high-performing teams and nurturing individual talents.
With over 20 years of experience, she excels in crafting perceptive insights that significantly contribute to organizational success. Possessing expertise in guiding the formulation of vision and strategy at both marketing and corporate levels, she is instrumental in propelling growth across diverse audience segments.

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Gina Knight

Over a period of five years, she has accumulated substantial experience in social media management and content creation.
Holding the position of Marketing Director at both HandsFreeERP and TurnOnDynamics, her key strengths encompass management, social media marketing, and finance. Gina adeptly utilizes her expertise in digital marketing and creative skills to elevate business awareness

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Kimberly Schneiderman

As the Senior Manager of Marketing at The Josh Bersin Company, she spearheads the development of diverse marketing assets, including a career development podcast, training sessions, webinars, and workshops.
Focused on creating strategic resources for marketing and learning content, she ensures actionable programs that deliver tangible value to stakeholders. Kimberly’s key strengths lie in content marketing, public speaking, and writing.

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Max Gomez Montejo

Currently in the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Nex Net Media, Max stands out as an accomplished digital marketing leader, bringing a wealth of experience in formulating strategic marketing solutions for a variety of industries.
Beyond his professional endeavors, he is fervently dedicated to sharing his knowledge and insights, often serving as a guest professor at universities in Colombia and Peru.

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Molly Greene

Presently serving as the Director of Marketing at NetPlus Alliance, she excels in formulating, executing, and analyzing brand strategies, email campaigns, and social media initiatives.
Molly’s expertise extends to various domains, including digital marketing, project management, content management, and more.

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Phil Malcolm

As The Auto Club Group’s Vice President of Marketing, he stands as an accomplished marketing executive boasting more than two decades of experience.
Phil’s achievements encompass driving successful brand repositioning, realizing positive line of business results, and delivering creativity. Additionally, he has streamlined trafficking and production processes for enhanced efficiency.

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Sebastian Marin

Demonstrating a detailed and disciplined approach to execution, he excels at creating programs and operations, driving mission-critical technology projects to completion. Sebastian’s main aptitudes include Project Management, Leadership, and Marketing Operations.
Currently holding the position of Senior Manager of Marketing Operations at Masonite, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient and effective marketing processes.

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Shannon Fernandez

As an Associate Marketing Manager at MONIN Americas, she is currently heading the email marketing program. She enjoys discussing Graphic Design, Marketing Strategies, and E-mail Marketing.
Shannon expertise lies in implementing innovative strategies to boost customer engagement and fortify brand loyalty.

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Veronica Rodriguez

As the Chief Marketing Officer at AgAmerica Lending, she excels in aligning marketing and sales teams to accomplish revenue goals, concurrently driving efficiencies across the entire company.
Veronica’s strengths encompass various areas, including Demand Generation, Project Management, Inbound Sales, Salesforce utilization, Storytelling, and more.

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Will Ramos

Bringing over six years of experience in the digital marketing realm, his primary focus has been on Facebook ads, with a specialty in landing pages that boast high conversion rates.
As the owner of ROAS Depot, a distinguished Meta Ads Agency, his forte lies in consistently delivering outstanding outcomes through a nuanced understanding of paid social advertising. Will has proven success in scaling campaigns across a diverse spectrum of industries.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of Top 15 Marketing Experts in Tampa in 2024!

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