10 Best Interior Design Tips for Your Living Room


10 Best Interior Design Tips for Your Living Room

The living room is arguably the most “lived-in” room of the home. This is where it all happens: here you host the Super Bowl Party, snuggle up with your furry friend, binge-watch the latest Netflix series, duke it out in a wild family game night, or enjoy a Sunday afternoon snooze. 

But have you taken the time to make sure it’s a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing, truly enjoyable place to spend so much time? Make sure your living room is ready for it all with these 10 best interior design tips. 

1. Make your (focal) point

Start your living room design project by designating a focal point for your room. A timeless favorite is a fireplace and mantel. Hang an oversized mirror or piece of art above the fireplace for a finished look. 

No fireplace? No problem. Install an electric fireplace. Safe, cost-effective, and stylish, electric fireplaces give your living room that same cozy warmth, complete with the beloved and soothing sound of crackling logs. 

Tranquil, ambient sounds, not your thing? Wondering what is the quietest fireplace? Fear not. There are fireplaces designed with you in mind.

2. Get centred

Pros love to place a large ottoman or coffee table at the center of the room. Then, keep the balance by positioning sofas and chairs on opposite sides. The well-centred, symmetrical arrangement lends a calming, organized feel to the room.

Add a trendy, oversized area rug to anchor the space. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug large enough that at least the front legs of each piece of furniture can be placed atop it. 

3. Cue the lights 

Interior designers layer the lighting in the living room. Start with an attractive ceiling chandelier that fits your aesthetic – bonus if it has a dimmer function. 

Just don’t rely solely on the overhead light. Provide lighting at every level, and within arm’s reach of each seat, ensuring that anyone can read in comfort at the flip of a switch. Consider candles on your mantel, sconces or stylish lamps on end tables or the sofa table, and a floor lamp with a dimming option in the corner. And remember to open the drapes for plenty of natural light.

4. Position your furniture

Don’t just haphazardly place those sofas and chairs. Position them skillfully. Keeping with the symmetrical, centred guidelines above, you also want to make sure that your furniture placement facilitates easy conversation among guests. 

One pro tip to ensure that guests are seated close enough to chat comfortably is to forego placing couches against the walls. Instead, draw them in toward the room’s center, “floating” your sofas around the coffee table and in chatting range from other seating.

5. Select furniture with function

Furnish your living room with pieces that can multitask. Opt for an oversized coffee table with space beneath for cute and tidy storage baskets, or a large ottoman with compartments for tucking in blankets, magazines, or children’s books. 

A console table behind your couch adds both visual interest and savy storage space. Choose a sofa table with shallow drawers plus open space beneath for placing pretty, lidded storage baskets, or even tuck in extra stools until you need the seating.

6. Gallery wall 

A gallery wall is a stylish way to add interest to empty walls, display your art collection, and even serve as a conversation starter. Select several art pieces with a coordinating color theme and choose frames in the same style and color. 

Take care to avoid a chaotic feel by choosing a piece for your focal point. Build out your gallery wall from one or two centered favorites. Use a level to ensure neatness and be sure to evenly space your pieces. A two-inch spacing between frames is a good rule of thumb for an intentional and polished look.

7. Get personal

You’ve got your fireplace for a natural focal point. You’ve layered your lighting, selected multipurpose furniture pieces with plenty of storage, and thoughtfully positioned seating for easy conversation. 

Now it’s time for the real fun! 

Get personal with finishing touches that make you happy. 

8. Pretty pillows

Toss in some throw pillows in varying shades of your favorite color. Add a blanket or two for a stay-awhile feel.

Style your coffee table. Place a tray in the center, a few favorite books or magazines, and a gorgeous orchid or succulent.

9. Ditch the dust-collectors

To avoid a cluttered feel, maximize those personal touches by sticking with only pieces you adore. Skip – or seriously limit – the tchotchkes and trinkets. Instead, beautify your room by styling your walls.

Hang a favorite piece of art and be sure to place it across from – not behind – your sofa so your guests can enjoy the view.

Or, let mirrors do double duty, adding visual interest while also brightening and opening up the space. Choose frames that compliment your design aesthetic and your mirrors are now a work of art in themselves.

10. Liven up your living room

Fresh and stylish, plants are the perfect finishing touch for a living room worthy of the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

Large fiddle leaf fig trees, dainty and elegant orchids, quirky succulents – choosing your plants is a seriously fun way to add your own unique flair. You just may find that this mood-boosting, stress-reducing, air-purifying trend is also addictively satisfying.

Living the life

Chances are, you spend the bulk of your time at home in your living room. It’s where you entertain friends and family, snuggle up for a movie, read to the kids, or even catch up with work on your laptop. Spend some time making this a room you genuinely enjoy.

Put these ten best interior design tricks to work and your multitasking living room will be in tip-top shape for simply relaxing with your family or hosting your next big gathering.

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