5 Essential Ways to Motivate Employees to Save Energy


5 Essential Ways to Motivate Employees to Save Energy

Employees are the foundation of any business; they give your business its soul, its ability to function as effectively as possible. So, when it comes to reducing energy usage or saving on energy costs, it’s vital that your employees are a vital part of the process. You can’t do it alone; you need your employees’ inboard.

How Do I Motivate My employees?

Employees like everyone sometimes need an additional push to carry out tasks even if they know that it is a good thing to be doing. Some ways you can motivate your employees are:

Involve Them

Employees deserve your honesty. They are, after all, an important part of running your business. When you decide to carry out energy-saving methods, be sure to inform them in advance and tell them the reason behind the change. Involve them in the implementation process, and ask them for their suggestions on how the business can reduce its energy usage.

Talk Benefits

While it is important to state the benefits of energy-saving for the business, you need to speak about benefits that will affect the employees themselves. You may find emphasis that by reducing the cost of the energy, you can provide bonuses to the employees or have gradual increases in their overall pay.

Hold Competitions or Energy Saving Team Projects

Some healthy competition between employees can be a great way to incentivize them to save energy. You can set small achievable targets for your employees; for example, Utility Bidder suggests reducing paper usage, you can see which teams cut down on paper using the most. Remember to offer rewards according to the level of competition, whether at an individual level or a departmental level.

Start from the Top

A great way to motivate employees is for them to see actions. If they see their supervisors, managers, team leaders are all taking active steps to reduce energy usage, they will be motivated to do the same. It is important that you, as a business owner, hold everyone in your business structure to the same level of accountability. This encourages cooperation from all the employees collectively.

Market Plan

Work with your employees to create an energy-conscious marketing plan for your business. Work with them to create an energy policy for the internal working of the business itself.  Place posters, notice boards, and display pieces within the business to provide daily reminders to employees to save energy.

Communication Is Key

After implementing your energy-saving policies, you should communicate with your employees regarding the progress of the business. Employees should be made aware of the reduction in the business’ energy costs that have come from their efforts.

They should be kept up to date regarding successes and failures as well. Employees should be rewarded if they have helped in achieving the business’ goals. Even if that target is not met; employees should be encouraged to bring forward ideas that may help the business reach its goals.

Remember to keep employees’ part of the communication change; this builds trust and boosts motivation.

Final Words

Employees are the backbone of a business. It is important that they are a part of all changes the business wishes to make. By including them in your goals to reduce tout energy usage, you are far more likely to succeed than without them.

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