Let’s Go Gardening: 5 Health Benefits of Growing Plants At Home


Let’s Go Gardening: 5 Health Benefits of Growing Plants At Home

In colour psychology, green is said to have positive impacts on our emotions and mood. It relates to harmony and balance between our mind and heart. And it represents growth and rebirth. If we are caught up in a stressful situation, one of the lively ways to ease ourselves is by associating ourselves with something green, preferably something natural. If you’re interested also here’s a great guide about renovating your garden on a budget.

What do you think is both green and natural that you can associate yourself with? Yes, you are right! Plants. Plants are both green and natural, and growing them by gardening at your place is a fun and enjoyable activity to do and can be developed as a new hobby. If you want to learn about developing this hobby, check out some great gardening guides at the Green Pinky.

Aside from the fun that it can serve you, it also has several positive health and emotional benefits that you can enjoy, you can consult gardening and tree maintenance expert in IL.

Gardening Reduces Stress And Can Boost Your Mood

Gardening is the process of growing different types of plants to cultivate a garden. It is one of the most compelling, effective, and fun ways to ease yourself from the physical, mental, and emotional baggage you have been carrying since the beginning of the week. It can serve as a recreational activity that allows you to move your body by planting some ornamental seedlings diligently on the ground.

If you are overworking yourself during the weekdays or seeing yourself drowning in destructive and stressful thoughts, try to spend your weekends gardening at home. And You will see a significant and vigorous change in your mood and how you perceive the things surrounding you. The sweet and compelling smell of the wet soil and the plants’ fascinating and soothing colors has a calming effect on our minds.

When choosing the type of plant to grow in your garden, consider growing some ornamentals. Ornamentals are decorative plants that can make your place look beautiful and full of colors. There are different types of ornamental plants that you can cultivate at your place, and some of these ornamentals are great for cooler climates, allowing you to still have green colors at your place even during the fall season.

Gardening Can Help Your Body Against Diseases

We are all fragile human beings who are susceptible to diseases. But we can avoid acquiring one when we know how to take good care of ourselves by providing what our body needs to keep us strong and healthy. Vitamin D, a prohormone or a precursor of a hormone, helps protect our body from acquiring mild and severe diseases such as cancer and Type 1 diabetes.

Just like plants that need sunlight to photosynthesize, we also need to be exposed to sunlight. Our body produces or makes natural Vitamin D when the sunlight touches our bare skin. Gardening, which we usually do outdoors, allows us to be exposed to the rays of the sun and, in return, enrich us with Vitamin D.

Gardening Is Good For Your Heart

You can devote yourself to gardening, especially if you are not fond of working out or doing some strenuous exercises and activities. Gardening requires our body to move around by doing simple tasks such as digging the ground, planting seeds and seedlings, pulling out weeds, and carrying a water container’s load.

These simple gardening tasks can be considered a low-level exercise that allows our body to excrete toxins through sweat, burn calories and fats, and help strengthen our heart and lungs. Gardening also helps in lowering our blood pressure, reducing the risk of acquiring stroke and heart diseases.

Fresh and Clean Air

Most plants are a good source of oxygen and an excellent cleaner of air. So, growing some plants and taking time to make a garden at home allows us to have cleaner air to breathe.

After being exposed to the toxins, dust, and air pollution of our workplace and environment, have you heard of Oklahoma native plants? They are a good choice when you get home to a place full of beautiful and well-maintained plants help us detoxify and enjoy the freshness of the air and the compelling sweetness of their smell.

Gardening Is Good For Your Bones

Our teeth and bones need calcium and vitamin D to stay more robust and healthy. By exposing ourselves to sunlight every morning during our daily visit and maintenance of our garden, our body gets to produce Vitamin D for our benefits. Vitamin D strengthens our bones and helps us in keeping ourselves from developing bone diseases.


Gardening or the act of growing plants at home is also an act of self-love. The way we take care of our plants reflects the way we take care of ourselves. By investing our free time gardening and monitoring our plants’ growth, we are also taking care of ourselves as we gain numerous health and emotional benefits. It may not be a walk-in-the-park type of task, to begin with, but it is a worthwhile activity because we get to see the results of our hard work when our plants start growing fonder and healthier. First-time gardeners can start with easy-to-grow plant or vegetable kits like these beginner’s mushroom growing box. It’s easy to set up and maintain and doesn’t take up much space.

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