5 Reasons To Buy A Water Softener Showerhead Today!


5 Reasons To Buy A Water Softener Showerhead Today!

Coming home after a long day at work? There’s only one thing you can crave more than a good meal: A peaceful and long shower. But some showerheads do not have filters and your relaxed shower can turn into a nightmare since hard water causes damage to your hair and your skin. The only way to get rid of the hard water filled with calcium and magnesium is to find a water softener for your showerhead. 

With the variety of options available in the market, your chances at finding the right water softener shower head for your shower may be slim but with the best water softener shower head reviews you are one step away from securing your showers! Surfing through these reviews won’t only help you find the best and most affordable softener for your showerhead but may help you see some of the hidden consequences of hard water. And some of the obvious reasons you need to buy a water softener for your showerhead today! Let’s take a look at these 5 reasons! 

1. To Cure Damaged Hair 

The most common impact of hard water is that it damages and dries out hair. Many people blame it on their products and other external factors but the truth is that we shower every day and the quality of water we use determines the quality of hair we have.

The presence of minerals such as calcium and magnesium makes a thin film on your hair that does not allow moisture to penetrate, leaving your hair dry and damaged. Continued use of hard water can start hair loss and even make your hair weak thus prone to breakage. To prevent this from becoming a long-term problem and adversely damaging your hair, you need a water softener for your showerhead. 

2. Dull And Dry Skin 

Much like the effect on your hair, hard water also dries out your skin. The excessive minerals present in the hard water react with the fatty acids present in our body washes and soaps and the product coagulates on the surface of the skin making it difficult to rinse off.

Even after a long shower, your skin will not feel as clean due to the chemical residue left on it. Prolonged use of hard water combined with chemicals can clog up pores on all parts of your body especially your face, leading to the worst breakouts. The clogged pores can even worsen current skin diseases and eventually require expensive treatments. You may not notice the effect it has on your skin but a visit to your dermatologist will assure you how negatively the water is affecting your skin. 

3. Stained Shower Area And Bathtubs 

Getting rid of the stubborn stains in your bathtubs and toilets has never been easy because one of the major reasons for this calamity has never been sorted; Hardwater.

Hard water is the single-handedly greatest contributor to the yellow and brown stains in your bathtub destroying the glorious white. The minerals stick to the surface and if not cleaned properly over time these stains can deepen and only a professional cleaner would be able to get rid of them. So, before putting yourself through any of that hassle give water softener showerheads a try to get rid of this rather small yet annoying problem! 

4. Scale Buildup

The first way to notice this buildup is due to reduced water pressure. In new houses, this may take a longer time to show up but if you have been living in the same house for the last 5 years then you would definitely be able to notice reduced water pressure in your faucets and showerheads. The mineral residue is the culprit here. It leads to scaling buildup over time and clogs the showerhead. This means that more water will be wasted in doing the smallest things and your water bill will eventually rise up.

So if you see any white scale buildup on your showerhead you know what to do.

5. Plumbing Repairs

Well, routine plumbing repairs are always needed but if these routine repairs become frequent then a problem is for sure present! Frequent plumbing repairs may not make you realize what the real problem is but if you dig deeper you would realize that the minerals in the hard water also cause deep internal damage.

The mineral residue of the hard water is once more the culprit here damaging your pipes internally and causing leaks and irreparable damages. Not only does this lead to a rise in your water and maintenance bill but the hidden damage to your pipes may even decrease your house’s value when a dealer does a deep check on the house. 


So, before your plumbing completely erodes and your dreams of a nice long shower go down the drain (pun intended) time to get yourself a water softener showerhead today! 

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