8 Tips to Take Your Winter Fashion to the Next Level


8 Tips to Take Your Winter Fashion to the Next Level

As winter rolls around, you’re left struggling to make your outfits both fashionable and warm. While you may have the perfect summer dress and sandals or the cutest fall sweater and jeans, dressing for winter requires some extra thought in order to remain warm and stylish.

Winter fashion means layers and warmer clothing, but it doesn’t always have to look bulky and strange. With these top eight winter fashion tips, you’ll take your everyday style to the next level without freezing.

#1. Belted Coats

There’s no question about whether or not you’ll need a coat. If there’s snow on the ground or Christmas is around the corner, it’s cold enough to warrant your warmest coat. However, ski jackets won’t always cut it when it comes to fashion.

Belted coats are rapidly growing in popularity, so why not invest in one for this season? Belted coats are great because they help you show off your figure even when you’re bundled up for a snowstorm. While puffy jackets may keep you warm, they may make you look, well, puffy when they aren’t matched with a belt.

#2. Neutral Shades and Statement Colors

In winter, neutral shades tend to be more greyscale. However, they look great with a statement color piece like a bag, scarf, jacket, or boots. Typical statement colors include rust, cinnamon, olive, burgundy, and similar colors.

When you plan an outfit, a great place to start off is with a monochromatic outfit. This should be in your neutral shade, so think dark pants with a shirt that’s of a similar color. Next, pick your statement piece. Perhaps a cinnamon scarf or olive-colored boots. A burgundy jacket can make a stunning statement piece as well.

#3. Layer

If you live in a particularly cold area, you may have to layer on the clothes in order to leave the house. This isn’t necessarily a fashion disaster, though. Layering is a growing fashion trend which means there is already plenty of inspiration on how to layer your outfits.

Layering doesn’t have to be an art, but it can be fun to make it into one. Wear a long sleeve shirt until your favorite t-shirt and match it with a cardigan. Find a turtleneck to wear under that cute sweater and sneak some fuzzy socks on before you pull on your boots.

Get creative with your layers and even if you think you look a bit strange, rest assured that you could just be inspiring the next fashion craze.

#4. Wear a Hat

Hats are cute and stylish, so don’t be so quick to brush them aside. No matter how round your head is, finding the perfect beanie or wool hat in a larger size to add to your outfit can keep you both warm and trendy. Wool is a classic winter material and beanies are a trendy new take on hats, but both make great accessories for keeping warm in the winter.

If you’re afraid of hat hair, don’t worry. During winter, you can get away with wearing a hat more often by turning it into part of your outfit. As they grow in popularity, styling a beanie isn’t as difficult as you may fear either. The best part about them is that they work for any head size, too!

#5. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses were all the craze in middle school, but they’re making a strong come-back and it’s easy to see why. Sweater dresses are cute and warm, especially when you pair them with knee-high boots and thick tights. Grab your favorite jacket and you’re bundled up warm enough for a day on the town. 

#6. Neckerchiefs

Some people don’t like scarves and that’s okay. Depending on the material, they can be itchy and annoying, but neckerchiefs are a stylish way to stay warm and avoid scarves. If you have an aversion to scarves (or just don’t have one at all), neckerchiefs might be your new best friend.

Neckerchiefs are great if you live in an area that gets colder during winter, but not cold enough to warrant a full scarf. Plus, you can even tie it around your hair in the summer months and wear it year-round. 

#7. Wear Something Wool

Dark academic looks are a new trend and can make your mission to look stylish and stay warm easier. If you have a cute tweed skirt or a heavy wool overcoat, you’ll fit right in with some of the latest fashion trends.

Wool is incredibly warm, but some people find it itchy and try to stay away from it. If this is true for you, try a skirt instead of a shirt or jacket. Wearing tights underneath can prevent the wool from scratchy at your skin and add extra warmth without taking away from your outfit.

Even if you decide not to reach for something made of wool, try to avoid wearing cotton. Cotton is great for summer, but it holds water and this, in turn, will cool you down. Again, this is great for summer, but once temperatures drop, you tend to look for ways to stay warmer instead of cooler.

#8. Gloves

Don’t reach for your ski gloves when the weather turns cold. Instead, invest in gloves that are both warm and stylish. Black leather gloves are a great way to make you look like you just walked off the runway and into the streets. However, make sure they’re lined with something warm to keep your fingers from feeling stiff and cold.

If black leather isn’t your style, get some cute knit gloves or mittens. If you know how to knit or crochet, then you can make your own gloves or mittens to match your style perfectly.

Stay Stylishly Warm

As winter months roll around, staying warm becomes your number one focus but not without worrying about staying fashionable. Fortunately, the two aren’t exclusive and it is possible to reach for stylish accessories that will keep you warmer. Layering, hats, and wool maybe some of your best friends during the winter season, so it’s a good thing they’re in style.

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