Cryptokitties and Sweatcoin: How Influencers Can Get into Cryptocurrency


Blockchain and its cryptocurrency counterparts are definitely nothing new as we head further into 2019 – but they do pose some interesting ways that influencers and thus the general public can dip their toes into the technology. Not all blockchain developments need to have a great understanding of cryptography, distributed computing, and mechanism design – some just need a mobile phone and an internet connection. So, here are two innovative uses of blockchain that influencers can get involved with.

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Cryptokitties are a fun way to show off blockchain and what it can do but that can highlight the inherent uses of the technology and the Ethereum blockchain. The service allows you to collect and breed digital cats. The blockchain technology means that every cat is different and unique and remains in your possession. As each blockchain creature is different, there are opportunities to trade unique versions. The start-up raised more than $12 million to launch in March 2018. December saw a transaction volume of 1.3 million, showing the appetite in the digital world for this practical example of what blockchain can do. The concept behind the secure, transparent decentralized ledger is perfectly outlined by how trading and breeding Cryptokitties works. Indeed, as some Cryptokitties have sold for around $200,000, it’s clear that the uses of blockchain are branching out into the mainstream. While just one example, Cryptokitties aren’t the only digital pets you can have. HashPuppies work in much the same way, built onto the NEO blockchain, while Fishbank uses Ethereum for fish collectables and Crypto Alpaca uses Ethereum for, you guessed it, alpacas. The Tamagotchi rose to prominence in the 1990s and blockchain is showing us exactly how its popularity could be replicated in a modern way.

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Sweatcoin is another example of token technology being applied to a real-world setting that might attract those less interested in the basis behind blockchain. The Sweatcoin app runs in the background of your smartphone and works as a pedometer that rewards you with monetized tokens for the steps you take. The app is connected to a marketplace where brands can offer their wares in exchange for the tokens. You are also informed as to how far up the worldwide leader board you are, which gives an added use for the pedometer function. By tokenizing something as simple as walking with your phone, the uses for what the blockchain technology could be are further opened up and allow people to see tangible benefits through the brands’ products they can purchase. Influencers can also gain more tokens if they have fans sign-up based on their code. Influencers have a huge deal of power when it comes to new crazes and could help to proliferate the blockchain revolution. The full realization of the Sweatcoin blockchain and exchange may yet to be seen but the steps it is taking already show the potential.

Blockchain technology is moving towards the mainstream with increasing velocity, which means that people are able to connect with it and learn the benefits in less intensive ways. The negatives that are often touted about the technology can be remedied in the minds of those who aren’t familiar with the industry by showing the other uses for it and explaining how the decentralized nature of the technology can be used to benefit financial transactions and other contract-based uses.

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