Fun Activities for Families in Birmingham

Fun Activities for Families in Birmingham, AL


Fun Activities for Families in Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama, is a city that’s every bit of what America is. It’s a booming metropolis of more than 200,000 people, and it has a fascinating history as part of the United States’ civil rights journey. These days, people love living and working in there because of its strong job market, nice housing, and all the fun activities in Birmingham you can find.

In fact, the activities around Birmingham are one reason why people feel so good about buying up those Birmingham homes for sale. It’s the proximity to both work and play!

Birmingham is good for families, too. Just because it’s a big city doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed by you and your little ones at the same time.

What kinds of things are we talking about? Here, let us help you. The following is a list of the three most fun things to do with your family in Birmingham.

Vulcan Park and Museum

If you’re out for things to do in Birmingham, and you have kids with you, you have to check out the city’s famous Vulcan Park and Museum.

The park is four acres of green space that your kids will love running around in. But the real treat about this area is the gigantic Vulcan statue atop the museum tower.

That’s right; sitting on top of Red Mountain is the Vulcan Park museum, a vertical tower that features the massive cast-iron Roman god of fire, Vulcan, on top of it. From the tower, you can get some great shots of the Birmingham skyline while learning about the city through numerous exhibits.

These things do cost admission fees, but they are absolutely worth your time.

McWane Science Center

Perhaps no day out in any major city would be complete without a trip to the local science center! For kids especially.

As any good science center will, the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham features plenty of interactive exhibits designed to teach children about the fascinating world of science.

From biology to physics and everything in between, the subjects covered here expose children to the most fundamental principles of our natural world. Any visit to the McWane Science Center promises to be a good time, so grab the kids and head out this weekend!

Birmingham Children’s Theatre

We wrap up with an attraction designed for children and children alone: the Birmingham Children’s Theatre.

This theater-production house has been around since the 1940s and since that time has been staging children’s theater performances just for kids. The shows include classics such as the Cinderella story and Willy Wonka but also venture into the educational.

The production values are high, and there’s definitely enough substance here to entertain even the adults, as well.

So get some culture into your weekend soon and head to the Birmingham Children’s Theatre.

There’s plenty more to do for kids in Birmingham, but this list gives you an idea of what’s in store should you decide to make the move here or even just visit. Happy weekending!

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