Great Ways To Surprise Someone With A Gift While On A Budget


Great Ways To Surprise Someone With A Gift While On A Budget

Do you have a hard time picking out the perfect gift for someone? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with finding the right present, especially when they’re on a budget. Fortunately, there are some great ways to surprise someone without spending a lot of money. Keep reading for 6 great ideas!

Get a Groupon for something they’ve been wanting to do

Who said gift-giving had to be expensive? For the friend or family member who loves to explore and try new things, why not gift them a Groupon for something they’ve been wanting to do? Whether it’s a trip for rock climbing, ziplining, spa services, to enjoy the relaxing feeling when you go to the spa, or cooking classes – there are Groupons available for almost any activity! It’s an awesome way to give someone special quality time along with a gift they will really appreciate. Plus, you get to go along and enjoy the experience yourself!

Give them a Challenge Coin

If you want to give something to a brave person such as a veteran, a boy or girl scout or an athlete, this is the perfect gift. It will be a valuable gift for that person, as it carries a long tradition.

If you decide on this gift, it is important that you know the history and challenge coin rules.

Send flowers

Sending flowers is a great gift that is sure to brighten someone’s day. Not only will the sweet gesture bring a smile to their face, but the gift of colorful blooms can also fill a room or office with joy. Anyone who has experienced the delightful surprise of receiving fresh flowers knows how much this gift can impact someone. You don’t even have to break the bank while showing you care – look online for printable coupons and Callia Flowers promo codes on flower arrangements so you can send your gift without overspending. With affordable options, you can share your appreciation with anyone near and dear by sending along a beautiful bouquet.

Find a creative way to re-gift something they will love

For those looking for creative ways to re-gift something that the person receiving it will love, the key is to think outside of the box. Although the item may have been originally intended for someone else, it can still make for a great present. Consider consulting their hobbies, interests, or favorite activities when searching for an alternate gift. Going the extra mile and personalizing the item, such as adding custom artwork or engravings to make it truly special and unique may also really elevate a standard present to something extraordinary. With any luck, they will be delighted with your thoughtful gesture!

Put together a basket of their favorite things 

Everyone loves to receive a thoughtful gift they can enjoy, so why not put together a basket of their favorite things? You know your recipient best, so start by brainstorming a list of snacks they would enjoy including their favorite chips and candy. If your recipient has a sweet tooth, make sure to include some delectable chocolates or maybe even one of those decadent chocolate-covered strawberries. Don’t forget what the rest of their family might like as well, like some gummy bears for the kids or trail mix for the adults. Once you’ve made your shopping list, buy a nice wicker basket to pull it all together – this will give them as much pleasure from the presentation as from the gift itself! What’s more, it doesn’t matter how old (or young) they are; everyone loves receiving special treats! Whether it’s to say thank you or simply just because giving them a basket full of their favorites is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Give them an experience instead of a material item

Instead of giving a gift that will end up forgotten in a closet, why not gift an experience? With tickets to a show, concert, or game, you can give someone the gift of an unforgettable memory. Taking in the sights of live entertainment while surrounded by hundreds of strangers who share similar interests makes for an amazing experience. Even if it’s just to get out of the house and explore new surroundings, this gift is sure to bring a lasting smile to their face. And when all is said and done, they can keep their ticket as a souvenir reminder and talisman of an exciting night out!

Make a photo album or collage of memories you’ve shared together

Creating a photo album or collage with pictures of memories you’ve shared together is a great way to showcase your special moments and tell the story of your relationship. With digital photos and printable paper, the possibilities are endless. You could start by printing out some of your favorite shots and assembling them in any layout that speaks to you. Maybe each page displays a single milestone or event, or maybe they’re arranged per season – it’s up to you! Adding embellishments can make the project more fun, too – try stickers, washi tape, die cuts, ribbons, and other craft items to bring the look together. 

People always say it’s the thought that counts, and nowhere is that more true than when you’re trying to find a gift for a loved one. If material things just won’t cut it this year, try showing them how much you care with something unique that will create lasting memories. Whether it’s an experience or a basket of their favorite things, they’ll be sure to appreciate your efforts in finding the perfect present.

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