Helpful Tools and Services to Have in the Construction Industry


Helpful Tools and Services to Have in the Construction Industry

Every industry has a specific set of tools and services that help business activities run smoother. Many of these may have a huge upfront cost in the beginning, but end up saving a company more money in the long run. Certain items and services also have a huge impact on the productivity of a company or industry and in order not to lose that productivity, it is important to have supplier quality. Here’s a list of tools and services that are noted to be helpful in the construction industry. 

Tools: The Latest Technology

Compared to other industries, the construction industry hasn’t been too quick to adopt new technologies. However, this has changed in the past year, with the industry seeing higher levels of technology adoption. Here are some helpful technologies for the construction industry.

3D Printers

3D printers are able to make physical objects made out of molten plastic by “printing” or laying out several thin layers. They can increase productivity in construction up to 80% and create pieces that couldn’t otherwise be made.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It seems as though we’ve been hearing about AI for some time now, so it’s got to have its benefits to the construction industry. There are certain AI programs that allow building designers to see solutions to design problems. Additionally, AI workplace safety software is increasingly being utilized to enhance safety protocols and mitigate risks on construction sites.


These days, almost everyone has this flying, remote-controlled robot. Originally used in the military for flying over dangerous areas, drones are widely used for various reasons today. Construction workers can utilize this technology surveying and surveilling construction sites.


This applies to the actual construction site, as well as the construction workers. On site, these sensors can make the construction site safer by warning workers of potential hazards by keeping track of noise levels and the existence of unstable materials. On workers, they can track things like breathing rates, heart rates, and accidents.

Tablets and Smartphones

There was a time where mobile devices were not allowed to be used in the classroom, as well as the workplace. Now, with technological advancements, these devices are the very things that can help increase productivity in the workplace! One of the advantages of mobile devices in construction includes increased communication by providing real-time updates between workers.

Virtual Reality (VR)

This is another thing that doesn’t seem typical for the construction industry, but it can actually help improve workplace safety. Construction workers can see what the tasks of a certain project entail before actually working on it. VR can also be used to train workers on new equipment before they have to use it in the field.


Fleet Truck Rental

When working in construction, it’s important to make sure that all necessary tools and equipment are transported safely and in a timely manner. Just like there are car rental companies for vacations or business trips, there are truck rental companies that assist in transporting business equipment and other construction materials. 

Because construction projects tend to last about six months (give or take), most of these rental companies allow you to rent their vehicles for a minimum of six months. Some companies even deliver and pick up the vehicles rented for use.

Recruitment Agencies

Construction is an industry where the majority of workers are over the age of 40. With many high school graduates only presented with the option to attend a four-year college, it’s likely that this job field will age out. Women are also largely underrepresented in this field of work. This is an industry that has plenty of job growth and job opportunities.

Here’s where the help of a recruitment agency comes in. Their main purpose is to find qualified candidates for specific job openings. They are different from employment agencies as they help job seekers find jobs, where recruitment agencies help employers find workers. This is also helpful to have when starting a new business venture.

There are many more tools and services that the construction industry can benefit from. The main things that truly benefit this industry are related to safety, productivity, and recruitment that allows for a younger and more diverse workforce.

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