How much are Cigar Samplers


How much are Cigar Samplers

For someone that has just started smoking, cigars can appear to be some rather fancy things. And if the person decides to smoke cigars, it will take him quite a bit time to find that perfect cigar of his liking. There’s so much variety. 

Finding a good Cuban Cigar is really important for feeling all the taste and flavour. You must choose between the most famous cigars like romeo y julieta cigars, montecristo no 2 or Partagas Lusitanias.

Or for instance, you have decided to gift them to the man in your life, will be stuck forever to decide which one to get. 

You can have Cuban cigars, Dominican cigars, Nicaraguan Cigars, Honduran cigars and so many more. 

What are Cigar Samplers?

To eliminate the confusion of getting the best cigar from various options, cigar samplers exist. 

These sampler packs contain cigars of different types to try out. These samplers are ideal for anyone who has just started smoking cigars or is about to. 

The samplers can be of several types depending on their flavor, how much strong they are, what country they are originated from, famous brands, or according to the prices, or their blends etc. 

So, these cigar samplers usually contain one cigar stick of each category. So you are not stuck with the same flavor and won’t have to smoke that one over and over until you finish the pack. 

How much do Cigar Samplers cost?

Now, you might be wondering that due to the different variety and the quantity being offered by the cigar samplers, they may be costly and whether or not you can afford them?

Well, you definitely can afford them. And, no. They won’t cost you that much. 

In fact, cigar samplers are the perfect way to try out premium cigars with decent discounts. 

They offer relatively lower prices per cigar stick making them highly affordable. 

And if, let’s say you want a larger pack, such as one with 50 cigar stick. That will cost you much less as compared to a pack of five. So basically as you increase the quantity you can get increased discounts as well. Not to forget the huge amount of variety you will be getting to try cigars of each type. 

Another plus point is that, you can even design a custom pack of your choice to satisfy your cravings likewise. Ensuring that you only have the pieces that you love. And won’t regret a single penny that you have spent on it.  

You can filter the internet for some best cigar samplers according to the country you reside in.

Down below are enlisted some of the most unbelievably fancy cigars worldwide that are highly rated. 

Denmark Limited Edition Cigars. 

These are produced by the Royal Danish cigars and are wrapped in gold foils. This is one of the exclusive rated cigar throughout the world.

Opux Collection.

This collection is presented by Arturo. And is said to have the best signature taste around the globe.

Regius Cigars.

Double Corona of the special edition by the Regius Cigars is a unique blend of your choice. You get to fly to their manufacturing facility and get your hands on one of the finest. 

Gurkha Royal Courtesan.

A blend of the finest and rarest ingredients, making it the most highly rated around the world. This one is a rather fancy pick. Wrapped in a leaf of gold and embroidered with diamonds. Something you can only imagine!


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