How to Promote Your Photography Business


How to Promote Your Photography Business

Photography as a business has a lot of potentials, and with the help of Instagram, you can really reach out to a broader audience. It always helps to get the basics right about any business before embarking on it, and photography is no different. We are going to talk about how to promote your photography service using social media and specifically, Instagram.

Why is Instagram the best social media platform for a photography business?

Out of the plethora of social media websites available, the best option for photographers would be Instagram. With over 1 billion people logging on to it every month, Instagram has points in its favor for being the social media platform of choice for photographers. 

Highly visual

Instagram is a platform based on sharing images, so it’s tailor-made for photographers looking to promote their photographs. Although it is a very good tool, you can try to create your website as a business photographer and promote your brand.

Active users

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram has the most active user base. Instagram has much higher engagement rates than other social media platforms. This means that you have the best chances of your brand becoming popular provided you deliver good content.

Ease of use

Instagram is straightforward to use even for people who are new to computers and phone apps. All you need to do is upload pictures, tag it, and let the world enjoy your work – it’s that easy.

Be inspired

Instagram is home to many different photographers from various genres. You’ll find several photographers are willing to connect and talk to you, and you should take the chance to do so.

Gain a fanbase

Instagram can help you gain more customers for your photography brand. You can use hashtags to target groups you want specifically. For example, if you are looking to breakthrough with wedding photography, you can tag all relevant images on your Insta feed with tags like #weddingpictures, and #weddingphotography to get people interested. Using the link on the Instagram bio, you can redirect the users to your website. 

Tips On Using Instagram To Promote your Photography Business 

Instagram is an excellent choice as a platform if you want to promote your photography business. Here are a few strategies to effectively promote your brand on IG. 

Business account for Instagram

The first thing you should do is make sure that your photography Instagram account is a business profile. Business profiles on Instagram have access to critical metrics and features that help optimize the page and get better results. 

Buy Followers and Likes

Let’s face it, as a photography startup you need all the cred you can get. You can’t expect your business to grow if consumers don’t trust you, and if you’re new, people probably won’t trust your brand right off the bat.

Data even shows that as of 2017, 42% of Americans trusted businesses less than they did 10 years prior. 

Luckily, on Instagram, there’s something you can do to quickly boost your brand credibility and buzz – buy Instagram followers and likes.  Consumers trust recommendations from other consumers 78% more than those that come directly from a brand.

This means that when you purchase followers and likes from a website like idigic, you show Instagram users that people have trust in your business enough to engage with your posts and subscribe to them.

Photography business logo

The first thing to do will be to create an identity for yourself on Instagram. Making sure that you have your brand’s logo added to your profile picture. This logo should be the same across all your other platforms. Another thing to note, when choosing an Insta-handle, having one that is similar to all your other social media accounts will be a big plus.

Photographer Instagram bio

A bio is a critical asset on Instagram as it’s the only place where you can add a URL to your website. You need to make sure that it is catchy and gets people clicking on the link when they read it. 

Identify Target Audience

Every business needs to build an accurate buyer persona because these are the people who have the highest chance of being interested in what you have to share.  

Using hashtags

You need to make sure to find the hashtags that are apt for your niche and add them to your posts. Make sure that you don’t flood your images with hashtags, which is considered spamming. 

Post High-Quality Photos

Photographers using Instagram as a platform should take care to post only their best work on there. Treating this as a portfolio and posting all your pictures can have a detrimental effect on your engagement. Stick to posting photos from your camera and only use images from your mobile phone for more casual affairs like get-togethers or behind the scenes images. 

Consider investing in a good camera for Instagram if you’re not sure yours is up to scratch. However, even if your camera doesn’t reach the required quality, you can always use a professional photo editing service. With the help of top-notch specialists who adjust colors, remove backgrounds, while keeping your Instagram design in mind, you’ll get amazing results.

Write good Captions

Great captions go a long way to supplement images. Being creative about captions can help drastically with engagement numbers and can get shares as well. 

Utilize Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights tool has in-depth information about your account, including which of your posts are popular, impressions it generated, and more. The best part is it’s free! This is a great way you can get started with metrics for Instagram. The only caveat is that it can only be used on the app. 

Summing it up

Instagram is an amazing platform for photographers to build up awareness, which translates into more business. Photographers tend to build followers really quickly on Instagram, and some of them build millions of followers starting from nothing. 

Another positive takeaway from getting on Instagram is the fact that you won’t have to look around too much for the inspiration. There are a plethora of different styles of imagery you can browse through. Maybe even connect through the platform and get their thoughts on your work. Hopefully, this article has given you an idea about how you can leverage the power of Instagram to power your photography business.

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