How To Choose a Good Laser Cutter And Expert Leo Watts at CNCsourced


How To Choose a Good Laser Cutter And Expert Leo Watts at CNCsourced

Laser cutters and engraving machines can be fantastic for a range of different trades, crafts, and hobbies. However, this does not necessarily make them all equal, and some are going to be far better than others if you start to break down the specifics of what they can do.

Thankfully, it is not actually that difficult to pinpoint the best laser cutters on the market. All it takes is an understanding of what you are actually buying and the specific quirks and qualities that make the biggest difference.


First and foremost, the control software. This is a valuable part of any laser cutter and often comes with the cutter itself, although you can obviously use third-party tools to help with designing and planning as well.

Better software will not necessarily make the laser itself any better, but it will impact how you are using it. Software that is hard to use or tricky to understand can make each cut a lot more time-consuming to map out, whereas something simpler may be a faster option.

Of course, the other side of this is that simple tools may not have the complexity you need for more specific niches. If you are getting serious about laser cutting, look into the software, not just the machines.

Size and Weight

Laser cutters can range from desktop models to industrial-scale units. While not many people will be buying industrial laser cutters for small hobby projects, you still need to consider the size of any cutter that you are interested in buying.

Laser cutters need to be placed in a safe space that will not compromise their operation or expose them to any potential hazards, which could potentially include something as benign as splashes of water.

As a result, the more powerful laser cutters can take up quite a bit of room. They can also get heavier, with a larger frame that may require a more sturdy work surface or base. This is important to think about because you want to be sure that your cutter is somewhere stable and safe.


A more powerful laser is better, in theory, but it depends on what you are actually trying to do with it. While going for something stronger can mean a better-quality laser cutter, it also means the laser cutter is going to be much more expensive.

Ideally, you want to look for a cutter that matches your (or your business) needs. If you do not really need something so powerful, then you are very likely going to be spending a lot of money on a laser cutter that could be wasted on smaller-scale or less demanding projects.

Be sure to look at advice from experts like Leo Watts at cncsourced, found at These can be invaluable places to look if you want advice on which cutters to choose or if you are not sure what kind of factors would be most important for your planned projects.

The more research you do, the better chance you have of finding the perfect laser cutter for you. Make sure that you understand what you should be looking for, especially if you have no past experience to draw from and have not owned a laser cutter yourself before.

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