How to Ensure Your Digital Presence Is Always Secure


How to Ensure Your Digital Presence Is Always Secure

Nowadays, cyberattacks are very common. Hackers make millions of dollars by selling personal and financial info, a threat that affects both businesses and consumers alike. Cybercrimes are a major threat because they can affect your company’s sales and reputation. If you don’t secure your customers’ transactions, they will no longer feel safe doing business with you. They can even sue your company for not protecting their data, and you may incur huge financial losses as a result. That’s why securing your digital presence is an essential part of growing a successful business. Here’s how you can protect your digital presence and ensure that it’s always secured.

Use a VPN

When there’s important work to be done or an email that you need to check, you will probably just do it wherever you are, whether you’re at home or a public place. However, when you sign in to a public Wi-Fi network, you’re putting all of the data on your phone or laptop at risk. Public Wi-Fi is easy to breach, which is why it’s important to use a VPN whenever you’re on an unsecured network. VPNs encrypt your data and make it hard for hackers to get any info from your phone or laptop. However, it would be best to use a trusted and reliable VPN to guarantee that it will protect your data. 

Regular Back-up 

Cybercrimes are not always about stealing financial information. Some hackers will get into your main computer, install a virus, and erase all of the data, and you will have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get it back. Losing work-related data will affect your business and possibly put your work on hold for a while, which will result in financial losses. 

To avoid these situations, you should always have a back-up of all of your work. This is a great way to boost NAS security because you’ll have copies of your important files if the originals get deleted or corrupted. Some people choose to store their data on an external hard drive, while others prefer cloud storage. Many experts recommend using cloud storage, as it’s nearly impossible to lose. However, you must look for a website that will offer enough storage for your business needs, and this site should point you in the right direction. On the other hand, external hard drives offer more storage space, but their biggest downside is that they can be damaged or lost. The best and most efficient way is to back-up all of your work on both cloud storage and an external hard drive; this way, you will never lose your work documents and won’t need to halt all operations if the data was erased. 

Secure Your Phone

Our phones are like a mini-computer that we carry around everywhere to get work done, and although it’s effective and saves us a lot of time, it also puts our data at risk. Phones are easier to hack than a laptop, which means that if you store some or all of your work-related data on the phone, hackers can access your data, or your phone could be stolen, and the perpetrators can use the data on the phone. Therefore, it’s crucial to secure your phone. Add a strong password on your phone and encrypt the data on it. You can also change the setting, so the phone automatically erases all the data after 10 failed password attempts ensuring that all of your work and private information is secured even if it got stolen. 

Multi factor authentication 

Sometimes a password alone is not enough to protect your online presence. Even if you don’t have a strong password, hackers could hack your social media accounts or email, which could ruin your digital presence. Enable two or more factor authentication on all of your emails and accounts to reduce the risk. Multi factor authentication is an easy and guaranteed way to ensure that your digital presence is secured and your accounts are safe from hackers. 

Cybercrimes are a real threat that every business might face. Whether you own a small business or run a multinational corporation, you must not underestimate the role of cybersecurity. Pay attention to fake accounts that may affect your online presence, and do not grant anyone access to your social media accounts. If you have a marketing team, ensure that each person has a clearly defined role, and if an employee leaves the company, they must be removed from all the accounts and work-related platforms. Whatever you do, don’t open unknown emails, and install reliable anti-virus software. Securing your data means securing your digital presence, which is everything for a business. How you appear to consumers is a major factor that will affect how your business grows.


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