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How To Find Someone With Only a Picture


How To Find Someone With Only a Picture


Photos are useful ways to find almost anything. A nice view might be enough for you to recognize a location, or a picture of an actress might help you identify them. That said, what happens when you don’t know who someone in a picture is?

While it might seem impossible to find them, we’re here to help. We’ll show you the best ways to find someone when all you have is a picture. In addition, we’ll only show you quick ways to help you save time.

Why It’s Hard To Find Someone Using a Photo

Finding someone using just a picture isn’t as easy as finding someone with a name, phone, number, or address. Additionally, photos are a lot more abstract, and the person in the photo might not even be real. For these reasons, you should be cautious when searching for the person behind the image.

What’s more, you need to use the right tools. More often than not, the best tools to find a person with just a picture are a combination of Google Lens to identify the image and a public records search tool to verify the image.

Can You Find a Person With Just a Picture?

Yes, you can find someone using an image. This is especially true if the image is a photo of them. However, it becomes more tricky if the image isn’t real or if AI tools created it. For these reasons, we always recommend verifying anything you find with a people search engine like Information.com. Using a public records search tool will ensure that everything is correct.

Why It’s Important To Find Someone With a Photo

Finding someone with only a photo may be important, especially if you want to verify someone’s identity, learn more about them, or simply know who’s behind a picture. Furthermore, you may want to learn more about a specific building or if a house is for sale. Obviously, missing person cases are also an important reason to find someone with only a photo.

The importance of finding someone with just a picture ultimately boils down to how important it is for you on a personal level.

How To Find Someone With a Picture

There are a few ways to find someone with a picture. One of the best options is to use a people search engine once you know who is in the picture. That said, you have to find the owner of the photo first or the location of where the photo was taken. To do so, we’ll take you through a few of our favorite methods below.

How To Find Someone With a Picture Using Google Lens

Google Lens will always be one of the best methods to find a person with just a picture. It’s easy to use Google Lens on your Apple device, desktop, or Android smartphone. Follow the instructions below to use Google Lens to find someone using just a photo.

  1. Open the Google bar or visit Google.
  2. Locate and open “discover.”
  3. Upload the photo when prompted to upload it.
  4. Once the photo is uploaded, select an area in the image to search.
  5. Click search.

Once you search for the results, you should find the owner of the image. To learn more about the owner of the image, we recommend using Information.com’s public records search tool. You’ll find out more about the owner of the image this way.

Google Lens may also provide you with results from social media platforms, which will help you expand your search.

How To Find Someone With an Image Using a Public Records Search Tool

Public records search tools are also useful for finding someone when you have a photo. We recommend starting by using Google Lens to identify some information about the photo. You’ll want to find the person’s name, address, phone number, or email address.


Once you have some information about the photo, it’s time to use a public records search tool. Information.com has the best public records search tool based on efficiency, user-friendly tools, and accuracy. Simply enter their name, phone number, address, or email address into the search bar.

From there, you’ll find the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • LinkedIn Profile Photos
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media accounts
  • Some tax information
  • Criminal records
  • Traffic records
  • Court records
  • Family members
  • Sex offender status
  • Dating profiles

You’ll find differing results depending on the image and who you’re searching for.

How To Find Someone Using an Image With Social Media

Social media is another great way to find someone if you only have a photo. Some social media platforms have internal search features that help you locate the owner of an image. Additionally, some social media results will appear in a Google Lens search.

Once the social media results are in, you can visit the social media platform to learn more about them. On social media, you can learn all sorts of things. For example, you may find their name, email, address, or even more pictures. Then, you can take what you find and run it through a public records search tool like Information.com to get the best results.

The only drawback to searching social media is that you’re limited by the social media platforms’ search functionality. For example, LinkedIn won’t help find someone with only an image (also, it’s crucial to note that LinkedIn is not anonymous).

Find Someone Using Only a Picture Today!

When you need to find someone with only a picture, you don’t have a ton of options. We always recommend figuring out who’s behind the photo, so you can run a people search on them using Information.com. To find who’s behind the picture, you can use Google Lens and social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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