How to Make Your Home Social Media-Ready


How to Make Your Home Social Media-Ready

Social distancing has put a hold on most of our business processes. Instead of meeting with your team, devising strategies, and creating stellar content, you found yourself locked in your home with nowhere else to go. These dire circumstances can demotivate anyone and stop their creative juices from flowing, but that should never apply to you! If you’re looking for a great way to go on with your business, in an even more efficient way than the pre-apocalyptic world, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a starter’s guide to help you make your home social media-ready. 

Declutter and Organize

Would you ever welcome guests to your chaotic home? There’s no way you’d do that – and that’s even more reason to organize your space before streaming live on social media. Even taking photos or shooting videos can’t be done unless you declutter and organize your home. Treat this task as if it were a home makeover plan: think of how you can reorganize your space to come up with the best decor according to your current resources. First, clean the house and remove all unnecessary clutter from your living room, bedrooms, or any room you’ll be using. You may need to move around the furniture or wall portraits to come up with a better look. 

Personalize or Depersonalize Your Space

On your decluttering escapades, you’ll be faced with a crucial question: just how much clutter should you remove? What defines as clutter, in the first place? To answer that, you’ll have to revisit your social media strategy. Depending on the content you want to create, you may need to add a personalized touch or remove all traces of your personal life in the space. Once you find your answer, you’ll be able to make your choice. In case of having to personalize your space, you may need to add family portraits, books pointing to your background, or tools and equipment you use in your profession. Otherwise, you should remove all of these items if depersonalizing the space is your goal. 

Design Your Walls for Functionality

While we often focus on the layout of our furniture and space, we can often neglect to organize the walls. Merely moving around or adding/removing portraits is not enough to prepare your walls for social media. When exploring your wall design options, the professionals at Fabricmate recommend looking for solutions that combine functionality with aesthetics. Instead of designing your walls purely for aesthetic purposes, you want to find a supplier who can transform your walls according to your needs, all while keeping up with the latest styling trends. The best solutions can enhance your wall by creating a system that offers wall protection, thermal insulation, acoustics and/or soundproofing options, cubicle dividers, or other designs that satisfy your specific needs.

Fix Your Lighting

Once your space is set up for production, there are a few technicalities you’ll need to address. The first issue you’ll need to adjust is your lighting, which is one of the most important production basics. In fact, the main culprit behind most poor-quality images and videos is bad lighting. To fox your lighting, you’ll need to set up your space for maximum light exposure, whether you opt for natural or artificial lighting. More often than not, you’ll find that natural light makes for the best footage you can get. In case that’s not applicable for your place or you want to play around with advanced lighting tricks, you’ll need to set up a few pieces of lighting equipment to make the most out of your shoots. 

Set Up Your Equipment

Speaking of equipment, you’ll certainly need to set up all the tools you’ll use during your production. This brings us to the second technical issue: setting up your equipment. The equipment you’ll need will vary greatly depending on your production style and needs. If you’re going to stick to shooting products, then you won’t need much more than the photography corner we’ve mentioned in the previous point.

Needless to say, you’ll need a camera and a few accessories to decorate the background as necessary. If you’ll be shooting videos or recording audios, you’ll be better off with creating a mini home video and/or audio studio. There are many ways to create a DIY home studio on a budget. All you need to do is look around until you find what works best for you. 

There are few items you’ll need to add to your to-do-task-list to make your home social-media ready. Once you organize the space to your best ability according to your current resources, it’s time to consider the renovations you’ll need to do. Next comes the technical aspects of the job, which, obviously, will depend on the job you want to do. Once your home is ready, it’s time to put your remarkable skills to good use!

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