How to Set Up Your Own Pub


How to Set Up Your Own Pub

The events of the last 18 months have got most people thinking about what they really want from life. Three-quarters of Brits are currently making or planning to make, big changes to their lives and careers. While pub closures have been commonplace over the last decade, many people still dream of running their own pub. 

As pub landlords across the UK plan their Christmas festivities, you might be considering opening your own pub. If so, here’s our advice on how to get started.

Get your business plan drawn up

Every good business starts with a solid business plan. Your pub should be no exception. 

Draw up your business plan to ensure you’re working towards your goals.

Get your premises organized

Whether you rent or buy a pub, you will need to have physical premises sorted. 

It is important that you’ve researched where your pub should be before committing to a property. 

Get your landlord’s licence

If you intend to act as the pub’s landlord, you will need to apply for your alcohol licence. This will allow you to legally sell alcohol on your premises. 

Get yourself insured

Insurance is an essential purchase and a legal requirement for a hospitality business in the UK. 

Pub insurance is needed to cover your premises and stock, as well as covering you for staff and public liability

Get your team recruited

Getting the right team for it is important. Aim to recruit friendly, hard-working people with experience in the hospitality industry. 

Get your pub kitted out

You may have a creative vision for your place or you might need to hire a commercial interior designer. 

Either way, you’ll need your pub kitted out with the right equipment and furniture.

Get your menu sorted

If you’re planning to serve food there, you’ll need to develop a menu and hire a chef. 

If you’re planning on serving fine wines and craft beers, it’s a good idea to develop a menu for these too. 

Get your stock ordered 

You’ll need something to sell to your customers when you open. Order your stock well in advance. 

If you’re unsure of what your new customers might want, order smaller quantities or fewer options initially to see what takes off. 

Get a launch event planned

Everyone loves a good party. Launch your bar in style and get to know your locals by throwing a launch event party. 

Get to enjoying life as a pub owner

No matter where or how you choose to set up your bar, it’ll probably take a lot of hard work and effort initially. 

Remember to enjoy your new pub and vocation every step of the way. 

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