How to Smarten Up Your Home or Office Kitchen in No Time at All


How to Smarten Up Your Home or Office Kitchen in No Time at All

The kitchen is the most used room in the home or office and is often the first place home buyers will look before making the decision to tour the rest of your dwellings. While it’s evident that the kitchen is essential, many property owners will avoid upgrading the space due to time or money restrictions. Set those excuses aside because these cheap updates are quick and easy.

Buy Quality Drinkware

Don’t forget about your drinkware when upgrading your office or home kitchen because quality cups or mugs can stay intact through constant use. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing. If you’re buying online, look for reviews of the product to see if it meets these criteria.

  • Is the glass clear? Low-quality glasses tend to have a green tinge.
  • Are the lips flat? Glasses and mugs should look like they were cut with an edge.
  • Does the glass sound like a bell? Rap the bowl and listen for a pleasing sound.
  • Lastly, are the mugs/glasses pleasing to the eye? Does it come in a complete set?

One collection that passes this test is the Black Ceramic Lan set by Kinto. Made of porcelain, these mugs are made to last, look incredible, and are easy to clean.

Make a Multipurpose Space 

The kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to space where cooking is primary. In fact, plenty of offices take advantage of large cafeterias by including long tables, a quiet seating area, and desks that are located next to outlets. Home kitchens can do something similar, especially if the room can fit a kitchenette. A small table and a few chairs can make the area feel cozy, but if you want to splurge, you could create benches with cushions complete with storage compartments.

Hang Intricate Lighting

Whether we’re at home or at the office, we need to be able to see what’s going on around us. With proper lighting, you can change the look and feel of your environment. From casual to high-class, these lamps could bring elegance or fun to your home or office kitchen.

  • For Fun Interiors: Marquee Lighted Signs
  • For Classy Interiors: Classic Chandeliers
  • For Casual Interiors: Oversized Pendant Shades
  • For Stylish Interiors: Chrome Overarching Floor Lamps
  • For Retro Interiors: Dandelion, Crystal, or 70s Style Chandeliers
  • For Modern Interiors: Disco Ball or Concrete Lamps

No matter the interior, you’re sure to find interesting lighting that makes a statement.

Add a Coffee-Shop Style Food or Drink Bar

Remodeling an entire part of a kitchen can be daunting, so many of us won’t engage with the idea of adding a bar or hot kitchen section meant for displaying food. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to create a more social atmosphere; just take some cues from a coffee shop.

  • Chalkboard walls could display recipes, jokes, or catered food items.
  • An open cabinet could store an espresso machine, water, and mugs.
  • Artwork can add personality to an area, especially if it’s hand-drawn.
  • Bookshelves are great for storage and can provide endless reading material.
  • Commercial or open shelving can display aesthetically pleasing dishes.

An office space can get away with a bit more, but home kitchens can adjust for personal use. For example, instead of a cabinet, homeowners could create a small coffee nook with cups.

A New Coat of Paint or Wallpaper

Most kitchens are small enough to be painted in a day, but wallpaper can take longer in larger cafeterias. If you want to add an interesting pattern or texture to the space, decorate one wall instead of the entire kitchen. A monochrome paint job that includes the cabinets and walls can look striking in any home but may only work in artistic work environments. Be sure to match your paint or wallpaper color with the rest of the home or office to keep a natural style flow.

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