How to Support a Long Distance Friend With Grief


How to Support a Long Distance Friend With Grief

Dealing with grief is a difficult process, especially when you don’t have a support system around you. If you have a long-distance friend who’s dealing with grief, it’s important to provide the best support you can from a distance. Here are some ways you can support a long-distance friend with grief.

Stay in Touch

When a long-distance friend is grieving, the best thing you can do is stay in touch as much as possible. Even a quick text message shows your friend you’re thinking of them and that you’re here if they need anything. You can even use virtual meeting apps to make conversations a bit more intimate. Staying in touch with a friend also helps you keep an eye on how they’re doing, so you know if they’re having a bad day or falling into a funk.

Be a Good Listener

Regardless of what’s causing your friend’s grief, there’s a good chance they’d like to talk to someone about it. While your friend is dealing with the toughest stages of grief, make sure you’re there to listen to them when they need to talk. You don’t have to offer advice or make conversation as long as you’re providing a positive environment for your friend to vent and deal with emotions.

Be Open

Certain subjects are difficult to talk about, but it’s important that you try your best to be open about the loss they’re dealing with. Even if you’re not particularly comfortable with the thought of death and discussing it in-depth, being open about grief is one of the best things you can do for a long-distance friend. For people who don’t have friends who can be open about their loss, hotlines and therapy apps can provide a safe environment for discussing grief.

Send Gifts

Sometimes talking is the best way to make someone feel better, but sometimes it’s better to opt for a simple gift. If you want to show somebody you’re there for them without actually being there in person, funeral flower arrangements are a great way to console a grieving friend. Not only do these gifts show your friend you’re thinking of them, but they also serve as a reminder that their loved one will not be forgotten and was appreciated by many people.

Talk with Their Friends and Family

It can be hard to get an idea of how somebody is doing from text messages or phone calls, so try talking with the friends and family of long-distance friends who are grieving to check upon them. Family and friends will often notice little behavioural changes that are common with grief. You don’t have to be nosy and call or text your friends and family every day, but you should at least ask them to let you know how your friend is doing occasionally. The more you can stay connected, the more you can do to help your friend grieve from a distance.

Express Your Love

Some people need to talk through grief or hear advice from friends, but a lot of people simply want love when they’re going through a difficult time. If your long-distance friend is grieving, now is the most important time to show them how much you love them and care about them. You can express your love with words, small gifts, funny pictures and videos and more. Whatever you do, make sure your friend knows how much you love them during this time.

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience in any circumstances, but it’s significantly harder when you only have a long-distance support system. If you have a long-distance friend who’s grieving, make sure you do what you can to make them feel loved and supported in this difficult time.

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