6 Important Details To Remember When Living With Your Aging Parents


6 Important Details To Remember When Living With Your Aging Parents

Never mind the occasion that brought your aging parents under the same roof with you, it is going to mean a lot of compromises, understanding, and patience. It is said that older people are just as children are, and not in vain – they tend to need a lot of care, tenderness, and time, at the same time knowing their wisdom and things they’ve gone through. Consider exploring options like Kirkland adult family homes for a supportive environment tailored to their needs.

Besides respect and a sense of duty to take care of them just like they took care of you when you’ve been a child, there are some important things you should not forget too while living with them.

Having a Plan for the Future

Perhaps not so much a detail but a first milestone is having an open conversation with them about important things such as insurance, legal, medical, and cognitive, every day, and social information as well. Depending on your parents’ physical state, ask them if they need help with managing your home upkeep, are they having their needs met or should you consider an aged care accommodation too.

Having a plan for the future as much as for the present is also having the answers to questions like do they have a long-term care policy or a life insurance policy? Where are their investment accounts, in which bank(s), and what is the contact information for their financial representative? 

Determining and overseeing the financial and health affairs of your aging parents, with their approval, is beneficial and crucial for honest and loving cohabitation.

Health Care and Home Care

Make sure that the doctors and specialists your loved ones need are covered by their health insurance plan and that they have important prescriptions in the nearest pharmacy.

Older people generally tend not to bother the rest of their family with their health status but you should get familiar with any current diagnoses for which they are being treated and with the list of their current medications.

On the other hand, whether you do that as a part of the family or they’ve ways to do that alone, see that they have essential home care as well.

Social Support and Inclusion

Having something to strive for and to do is the main driver for almost all human beings and if you’ve especially noticed that your parents have mostly a sedentary way of life as if they believe there is nothing else for them to achieve or to strive for – remind them of all the new opportunities for senior members of society out there.

So try to find out what are their social interests and who are their closest friends or dearest neighbors. Encourage them to create memorable experiences and lasting relationships by joining senior clubs and engaging in activities like gardening, taking dance classes, or creating art.

Feeling Safe and Understood

Many seniors have spent their lives collecting meaningful possessions and allowing them to display family photos, for example, or putting their knickknacks in their order will mean that they’re having their own corner in the home, allowing them to have their own routines and their way around the house.

At some times, they may wish to do something new, they may wish to see a special place, a long-time friend, or family members and it’s up to you to accede to the wishes of your parents to soothe them and make them happy.

Get by With a Little Help

As busy life often gets, many working people don’t have the time, but also the knowledge, to devote themselves to their beloved seniors as much as they would or should and if you recognize the same issue, feel free to find some help with this. 

Other members of the family, professional help, or enthusiastic individuals can and will help with hygiene and grooming, feeding, meal preparation, using eating utensils, and with basic chores around the house or transportation.

Think about your own situation and abilities, and even if you believe and want your parents to be safe and healthy –  it is alright to admit that maybe you’re not the only or the best person to provide that care.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

This leads us to you as an important part of your private community and knowing how much the stress from caring for older parents can challenge every aspect of your life – work, relationships, your own private life. 

Therefore, you need to have a good sense of “self” and your own time, activities, and interests. Don’t forget that you, as a primal caregiver, need to sleep well, socialize, exercise, and maintain positive mental health.

Therefore, do not be ashamed or worried about asking for help as the care your parents require – needs to come from one way or another. Your beloved aging parents may recognize sincere care and worriment and they may become more involved as it comes to their wellbeing, while you’re still being a supportive and caring child.

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