Important Steps To Take After Receiving A Defective Product You Ordered Online


Important Steps To Take After Receiving A Defective Product You Ordered Online

A lot of people are unable to contain their excitement as soon as they order products online. They desperately wait for the delivery date to arrive but are extremely disappointed when they receive a damaged product. Needless to say, every customer wants their money’s worth, and getting an illegitimate or damaged good can leave them dumbfounded. Here are some important steps you should take to report and return a defective product you recently ordered.

Step 1: Analyze the Damaged Product and Take Photos

As soon as you receive a product, scrutinize it carefully and examine the damaged parts. This will help you measure the degree of damage. It is also an effective way to know if the product was already damaged or was broken during shipping. In the future, take photos and record a video even before you start unboxing as it is strong proof to show the damage. Since many sellers claim to send their products in a safe condition and that the buyer damages them after opening the box, showing an unboxing video is a sure-shot way to prove them wrong. Examining the product right when you are asked to sign the receipt can also help. Do not throw away the return labels and packing or shipping slips. 

Step 2: Go Through the Return Policies

Once you measure the level of damage and take photos, go through the return policies to learn the right way to return the product and get your refund. The return policies are always stated on the seller’s website. Access the section that notifies customers of damaged items and related policies. In the future, go through the return policies before buying a product as it will save you from a major hassle. Pay extra attention to the reviews too if you are buying a larger or more expensive product.

Step 3: Get in Touch with the Seller

Once you are well-versed with the return policies and ready with the photos, get in touch with the seller via email or a phone call. While some return policies state the time period within which you can file a return application and contact the seller, others provide a comprehensive guide to return the product. This is also where you can get the seller’s contact information. The best way to quickly receive a return is to contact the seller immediately or within a few hours of receiving a damaged product. Getting in touch with the seller will also help you understand certain complicated parts of the return process. More importantly, be calm when talking to the seller to resolve the issue with ease. You can also receive assistance on getting the refund in the form of cash, vouchers, or any other means.  

Step 4: Pack the Product for Return

Once you file the return request with the seller or customer representative, the next step is to carefully pack the product to be returned to the company. Be extra careful when packing the product if it is thoroughly damaged. Use bubble wrap or other protective layers when placing the item in the box. Do not forget to attach the receipts and packing slips that you received with the product. If possible, use the same box and secure it tightly.

Step 5: Take Help from a Professional if the Situation Gets Worse

If the damaged product has posed a health threat or put you or your family member at risk, you can take legal action against the concerned entity. Listen to the attorneys at who recommend hiring an experienced lawyer to take care of your case. If the damaged product has caused serious issues, you are eligible to receive compensation from the seller. In case of inadequate warnings or defective products that caused an injury, your lawyer will help you file the paperwork and win your deserved compensation. 

Step 6: Leave a Review on the Seller Site

Lastly, you should take the step of alerting other buyers who purchase products from the seller’s site. They should learn about the defective product you received and be aware of the imposing threat. Since a majority of buyers rely on other customers’ reviews, this can be an effective way to help them make an informed decision. 

The process of receiving and returning a damaged product can be a nightmare, especially if it has posed a health threat. Even if you haven’t received a product that is not in its optimal state to date, keep these steps in mind to avoid such a crisis in the future. As mentioned, you can take help from professionals in serious cases and avoid the hassle of going through the entire procedure on your own. 

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