How to Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Garage Door


Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Garage Door

When buying a garage door, the first thing that comes to mind is that it has to be durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting—most people often forget the aesthetic aspect. You have to remember that garage doors, due to its size and visibility, have a significant influence on your property’s curb appeal, whether residential or commercial. There are plenty of garage door options for you in the market today. Forget about the plain white doors and check out the different styles that will surely look good with the rest of your exterior designs.

If your old garage door is still in good working condition, you may skip buying a new door and opt to do customizations instead. There are a lot of ways to bring back the shine and luster of your garage door. Here’s a few for you to try:

Why you should partner with a professional garage door contractor

Before you decide whether or not to keep using your old garage door, let the pros check the structure first. In your eyes, your old garage door may still look good, but it may already be experiencing serious issues. The experts from can explain how these upgrades are necessary from time to time to maintain efficiency and safety. Before any hidden damages can get worse, let a licensed and skilled contractor inspect and handle the needed repairs of your garage door.

Whether you want to improve your garage door’s aesthetic appeal or functionality or make a new look, garage door repair SW Calgary suggests that you hear professional advice first. If you are not familiar and confident in performing the above-mentioned garage door restoration techniques, it would be best if you call a reputable garage door company. Pushing through a DIY project that would result in new or additional garage door issues will make you wish you left your door as it was and hired a pro instead.

Dealing with a trusted garage door company in your area will not only provide you the convenience of getting professional help whenever you need one. You can also get special access to quality and updated garage door products such as minor or major parts or components for any new replacements your garage door may require.

Choose a new color.

One easy and cheap way to give your garage door a brand new look is a repainting job. To determine the amount of paint you’ll need, you have to consider the size and material-makeup of your garage door. A wooden door takes more paint to cover than an aluminum door. Going from a dark to light or light to dark color also means you have to get additional cans of paint. Remember to wash clean and dry the door before a new paint application. To avoid throwing paint to other parts of your garage, use newspapers or drop cloth for cover.

Add stylish windows.

Yes, you can add windows to your garage door even if it was installed a few years ago. Windows don’t only give your garage door a fresh and beautiful appearance; it also lets the light in, making your garage more usable both day and night. Depending on the overall design of your house, there are multiple window shapes and color options for you in the market. Make sure your garage windows match that of the rest of the windows at the front facade of your house.

Install garage door lighting.

Highlight your impressive garage style during night time by installing outdoor lighting. Besides its aesthetic benefits, proper garage lighting helps you avoid falling or tripping accidents when walking out of your garage during the night. Another security advantage of adding lighting features to your garage door is that it discourages break-ins and exposes intruders before they try to open your garage door.

Insulate your garage door.

Proper insulation makes your garage door resistant to rusting; thus, helping keep its beautiful appearance. On top of that, insulating a garage door also adds strength and increases the structure’s lifespan. If your garage is connected to your home interior, adding insulation will best provide you comfort during the cold and hot seasons and help you save money on energy bills.

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