Influencer Marketing and SEO in 2021


Influencer Marketing and SEO in 2021

The previous year opened many doors for online businesses. Despite the chaos, technology made it possible for most people to avail of products and services without interruption. In line with this trend, influencers on social media have become more relevant in improving digital marketing strategies. As people stayed indoors for safety, e-commerce sales also skyrocketed and these influencers helped impact buying decisions

In 2020, live broadcast viewing on Facebook increased by 50%. Also, the social media app Tik Tok shot to unprecedented popularity. What’s common with the content shown on these channels is the human behind them. These influencers, according to, are a valuable resource necessary for a successful digital marketing campaign

How can influencers help with SEO strategies?

Influencer marketing has both long-term and short-term benefits. Many brands leverage this technique to reach a wider audience. Also, partnering with an influencer builds a brand reputation. But, are there specific ways that influencer marketing can help improve the success of SEO strategies?

  1. An influencer can help pinpoint problem areas in UX design. User experience is a key factor that impacts search engine rankings. Since an influencer is also a consumer and represents your target market, they can provide a strong positive or negative description of their experience when visiting your website. They can help identify issues such as slow loading time, which has a significant effect on SEO. 
  2. A smarter way to research keywords. Using keyword research tools is a common SEO strategy. Although based on historical data, some of these tools aren’t capable of predicting trends. Many brands are going directly to their consumers to know what they want. How can an influencer help? The influencer can engage with consumers through comments, live videos, and by conducting surveys. The information gleaned here should help determine the relevant keywords necessary for SEO. 
  3. Enhance authority, trustworthiness, and brand trust. Another factor that Google uses to rank websites is trustworthiness, authority, and expertise. This way, users will get the best answers to their questions. In order to enhance website performance in relation to these principles, influencers can help your website get high-quality backlinks. Of course, you need to look for influencers who are experts in their niche. Partnering with reputable bloggers will also help, especially those with good domain authority. 
  4. Optimise all types of content. It’s a general SEO rule that any written content on your website should follow optimisation guidelines. But, it’s also equally vital to optimise all content such as photos and videos. Influencers on social media channels like YouTube are experts in optimising for content in their niche. As such, your partner influencer should know which keywords you want to optimise to get the best results

Consumers today rely on influencers to choose products and services. Partnering with a reputable influencer will have a significant effect on your SEO campaign. Now more than ever, social media channels have become a part of everyday life and decisions are made based on one person’s opinion. Being strategic with SEO means taking advantage of these trends, and influencer marketing is the hottest technique at the moment

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