Innovative Car Technology Improves Your Safety On The Road


Innovative Car Technology Improves Your Safety On The Road

The National Safety Council reported an 8% rise in traffic fatalities for 2020, caused largely by an increase in reckless driving on quieter roads. Driving safely should always be your priority, but if promoting your brand involves a lot of road travel, you can protect yourself further from inattentive drivers with additional car safety features. As safety tech can be fitted to an older vehicle, whether you’re looking to upgrade your car to the latest model or you want to enhance a classic vintage car, you can benefit from all of these innovative add-ons.  

Minimizing The Risk Of Accidents

In a crash, larger vehicles such as SUVs have been shown to be safer than a sedan. However, as well as choosing a vehicle that offers adequate protection in an accident, picking a car with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) could reduce the risk of an incident occurring in the first place. Due to their effectiveness, The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would like to make some systems such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) mandatory in new vehicles. The AEB system warns drivers if they are too close to the car ahead and, if no action is taken, will automatically apply the brakes to avoid impact, or at least reduce the intensity of a collision.

Enhancing Areas Of Reduced Visibility

Other ADAS include blind-spot monitoring, and a backup camera for reversing, both of which effectively enhance a driver’s view of hard-to-see areas. As darkness falls, all vision is compromised to a degree, and, although only 25% of driving takes place in the dark, 50% of accidents occur at night. To provide better nighttime vision, adaptive headlights are able to respond to changing light conditions, and they automatically swap from low to high beam when other traffic is detected. The anti-dazzle LED bulbs in curve-adaptive headlights turn to match a vehicle’s direction in order to illuminate the path ahead more accurately.

Retrofitting Safety Tech To Older Cars

In response to worrying accident statistics, vehicle safety features are constantly being improved and updated. However, as the average age of a car in the US is 11.5 years, many drivers are not protected by these high-tech features. Fortunately, even if you drive a vintage car or buy a second hand vehicle, it is possible to retrofit safety tech to older cars. A collision avoidance system is perhaps the most important to add in order to reduce the risk of a serious accident. It is straightforward to fit cameras and sensors to the car and connect them to a screen on the dashboard. This will give a visual warning when the car comes too close to the vehicle ahead, or indeed to any other potential hazards.

Whether you’re a digital nomad and always on the road, or a business owner driving to networking events at night, car safety tech can minimize your risks of being involved in an accident, and make sure you reach your destination safely.

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