Mastering the Marketing Game for Your Dating Website


Mastering the Marketing Game for Your Dating Website

The online dating industry has been growing for years. We’ll mention some stats, but let’s discuss the reasons first. Online dating is popular because we’re getting busier and busier, so the average person has less time to meet partners. And online dating usually drastically reduces the time needed to get dates. Yet it does so by letting people browse more potential partners. 

 At the same time, it gives singles more choice, so they become picky. That’s the normal movement of the market. When there’s plenty of something (potential partners in this case), that something becomes less valuable on average.

And that might be dangerous for you if you own a dating site. Why? The steady growth of online dating users leads to fast growth of dating platforms.

Overview of the Online Dating Market

 Let’s see some statistics to paint a picture of the past and current online dating market (the links to the sources are provided in the conclusion; read them if you’re curious to find more info). The overview looks like this:

 According to Statista, Tinder grossed $808 million in 2023. Of course, not all sites are Tinder, and your site probably won’t ever go global, but still, it shows what’s possible with good marketing. And there’s enough dough for everyone because, again, according to Statista, the online dating industry should reach $3.12 billion.

Of course, some countries have more profitable platforms and more users. However, seeking partners online is becoming a part of culture worldwide.

Understand Your Target Audience

Without marketing, no one could find your site. And if no one knows about your site, they can’t use it to find love or whatever they are looking for.

And that whatever sometimes makes or breaks dating platforms. You need to know your audience to give them what they want. That’s why picking a niche is smart. Focus on one type of dating. Let’s say your platform is there to help local females to meet lesbians, and it’s mostly for people under 40. Compare that to generic sites that try to cover the entire world and help everyone find any relationship. Promoting a niche site is simpler and less expensive because you wouldn’t have to guess who your audience is (in this case they are lesbian females looking for other lesbians). More importantly, you could use paid traffic more efficiently because you could narrow your targeting and drop your CPL.

Do not Neglect Social Media Opportunities

The same as almost everyone is using online dating, and everyone is using social media. We’re influenced by social media in every sphere of our lives. So, trying to build a dating platform without grabbing every decent cooperation opportunity on social media would make things unnecessarily more difficult.

But don’t look at social media only as a marketing tool. Use them as an inspiration. You can mimic some features, such as sharing one’s location, to boost UX. Then, if they really like your dating platform, they may mention it on their social media, and that’s how you get the best leads because people trust people like them. You can even collaborate with lesbian influencers!

Combine Quality Human and AI Content

In the history of SEO, quantity was an important ranking factor. More text with more keywords led to a higher rank. Then Google started releasing updates, and gradually, quality could outrank quantity. Of course, link farms were still thriving, but quality was a must to earn the trust of one’s audience.

Then AI arrived and made writing seemingly a lot simpler. Yet, there’s still a difference between AI-written texts and texts written by creatures with a pulse. But not every text on your website has to be a masterpiece. Use AI for some generic texts and standardized sections. However, every important page of your site should be written by a master copywriter.

Forge Partnerships with Influencers

Who shapes the world? Influencers. That’s why partnering up with an influencer your audience admires and follows could be a great marketing plan for your dating site. Imagine someone with 3 million followers recommends your site to their horde of followers… What would happen?

If done well, you’d grow overnight. If done wrong, nothing. So even though influences are great for promoting dating sites, be careful to pick the right ones, especially for niche platforms like lesbian dating sites.

Utilize Analytics to Assess Marketing Efficiency 

Since we’re coming back to analytics and numbers, here’s the Statista page with more data on the online dating industry. But as an owner of a dating site, you shouldn’t just focus on big numbers and the entire world. And you shouldn’t neglect the data for too long. Also, you shouldn’t freak out if your A/B test isn’t giving results for the first two days. Sometimes, things need more time. And the more data you analyze, the better you become at figuring out your next moves. That’s marketing: observing, listening, adapting, overcoming. Like Bear Grills, but for flirting and dates.

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