Neoprene Shorts for Weight Loss


Neoprene Shorts for Weight Loss

Many wonder whether apparel made of neoprene can increase body temperature and help them achieve quick weight loss. But what is so unique or special about neoprene and how can it improve the weight loss process?

Neoprene is basically a material that is used to make scuba suits. These specially designed shorts are there to help one to stimulate the wetsuit body position so that the individual will feel their legs and hip effortlessly lifted. Neoprene shorts allow one to completely focus on the arm stroke. 

But due to its more tight feel, more believe that it may help in the weight loss process.

Here are some benefits of Neoprene shorts:

Weight Loss Benefits:

  • Neoprene shorts help one to lose weight by heating the core body and burning excess calories. These specific shorts make you sweat 3 times more than other exercise shorts. This ultimately helps you maximize your weight loss journey. 
  • Remember that these shorts help one to burn up to 13% more calories as compared to normal gym shorts. 
  • They continue burning calories for hours even after one takes the suit off as the neoprene shorts elevate EPOC levels up to 22%. 
  • Neoprene shorts are a wonderful way to minimize your weight loss journey as neoprene shorts achieved a greater overall weight loss of up to 40%. 
  • They warm the waist and help you shed excess water weight out of your body. 
  • These shorts give you 360-degree tightness and help in heating the core abdominal area. This speeds up the stimulation of perspiration and helps to meet weight loss goals. 
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The Other Benefits of Neoprene shorts:

Neoprene shorts reliably restrain and protect the body parts it is applied to. They do not restrict the natural movements of muscles and joints and let you work out smoothly. 

Neoprene suits even improve circulation and facilitate your metabolism of the abdominal region.

Researchers also note that wearing neoprene shorts during a workout can promote a higher level of muscular hypertrophy. These special pieces of attire also help in contributing to relatively fast muscle growth as compared to normal exercise suits. 

A popular study conducted by a physician named Dr. Dalleck discovered the excellent benefits of using neoprene weight loss suits in helping to achieve improved cardiovascular health. 

The participants in the study got the following health benefits:

  • Improved Resting systolic blood pressure
  • Optimal HDL cholesterol
  • Optimal Triglycerides
  • Optimal Diastolic blood pressure
  • Improved Body composition
  • A great resting heart rate

The Durability of the Neoprene Shorts

Recall that neoprene shorts feature the unique property of a stable chemical structure. These unique features of neoprene material provide a wonderful level of durability. Now, this long durability is the reason why neoprene shorts are very popular in many different industries. Of course, the sports industry is the most notable industry that uses neoprene material but it is present in more areas each day. For instance,  deep-sea divers mostly use suits that are made up of neoprene material to conduct their missions.


To conclude, no exercise suit can be compared to the durability and efficiency of the neoprene shorts for weight loss. Neoprene shorts are best whether you want them for weight loss or muscle growth. 

Neoprene suits can even help one improve his cardiovascular health in addition to other notable benefits. This piece of attire is no doubt a smart investment to gain multiple benefits and to use to your advantage in weight loss and other health objectives.

Neoprene shorts can help you in optimizing for quick weight loss and accelerating the process of becoming a better you. 


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