Outsourcing These 6 Tasks Will Help Your Business Grow


Outsourcing These 6 Tasks Will Help Your Business Grow

As entrepreneurs, there’s always one thing or another we’re running after. We want to gain more customers, manufacture more products, hire new employees, or maybe even open a new branch. However, while we’re off chasing the dreams at our fingertips, it’s ironic how often it feels like we’re the ones being chased by our tasks. If this constant struggle hits too close to home, rest assured – you’re not alone. In fact, most entrepreneurs struggle to stay on top of most of their tasks and functions. 

Luckily for you, there’s a simple yet effective solution to this daunting problem: you can outsource certain tasks to the pros while you focus on your business. Not sure where to get started? Here are 6 tasks you can easily outsource to help grow your business.

1. Accounting

In the beginning, accounting usually doesn’t seem like such a big deal. A single accounting tool can easily take care of your bookkeeping records and track your financial situation. It’s not until your business starts flourishing that you realize you can’t keep personally managing your business’ finances, and that’s when you’re usually forced to hire an accountant. While that works for some businesses, others like the freedom and professionalism that comes with outsourcing this task to a qualified freelance accountant. If you’re running a bigger business, you can even consider outsourcing it to a bookkeeping agency. 

2. Administrative Tasks

There’s a reason why most of us hate accounting – and it’s not just that we have to work with numbers. Out of all the tasks a business owner can be forced to do, clerical tasks feel the most menial. At least with accounting, you can feel like it’s all for the greater good, but you’ll never really get that feeling when it comes to filing documents, answering calls, or booking appointments. Rather than wasting your time, effort, and sanity trying to make ends meet, how about outsourcing your administrative tasks to a virtual assistant or an administrative service. Although they feel clerical and mundane, your business can never grow, much less be maintained, without carrying out these tasks properly.

3. IT Services

Unless you have an IT major, many entrepreneurs are utterly hopeless when it comes to technology. Not only that, the idea of somehow managing IT just like any other function is unthinkable. That becomes much more obvious in cities like London, where the cybersecurity needs of businesses have exacting standards. As the team from Network London explains, the intricacy of cybersecurity keeps getting more complicated by the day. You’ll do your business a great favor by outsourcing your IT needs, which can include -in addition to cybersecurity- infrastructure, cloud services, network administration, and even web development. 

4. Content Creation and Marketing

It’s appalling how many entrepreneurs address marketing only as an afterthought when the marketing strategy should be one of the pillars of their business plan. Perhaps they believe that publishing one or two posts every now and then should do the trick – oh how mistaken are they. If you don’t have the capacity to hire a full in-house team to properly execute your marketing, then outsourcing the function is your best bet. You may outsource marketing as a full function, or, in case you still want to oversee the operations, you can outsource various tasks, like content creation, graphic design, video editing, and the like. 

5. Sales and Customer Service

With every marketing campaign, you should be expecting more customers and revenues. That is where marketing starts passing on the job to the sales department. The function of sales is both strategic and operational; they need to be aware of the complete business direction while logging in more calls, leads, and, ultimately, conversions. That doesn’t sound like something you should get lost in, does it? That’s why it’s wise to outsource your sales and customer service to an expert customer relations management agency. 

6. Manufacturing and Shipping

If your business is modeled around manufacturing and shipping, you’ll be happy to learn about the latest trends in businesses: the drop-shipping model. Rather than diving into manufacturing, setting warehouses for inventory, or getting overwhelmed with shipping, you focus on building your brand and marketing your business. Meanwhile, you outsource the manufacturing, storage, and shipping processes to the pros.

Too many entrepreneurs have this misconception that they need to do everything on their own. It is true that the sense of achievement we get when we succeed is unrivaled, but wouldn’t we feel even more rewarded if we expand our businesses and increase our profits? Every successful business owner knows that can only be achieved by hiring the right people to do their jobs properly. That’s why in today’s business world, outsourcing various tasks can be the best way to achieve success.

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