Pillow Decorating Tips And Tricks From The Pros


Pillow Decorating Tips And Tricks From The Pros

Decorating your living room or bedroom with throw pillows is a great way to personalize the space and make it more comfortable. The beauty of throw pillows stems from the fact that they come in endless shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, styles, and prints. Regardless of your preferences and the style of your home, you will surely find something that suits your needs.  You should always make use of versatile and relatively inexpensive decorative elements like a throw pillow if you want to get as creative as you want without breaking the bank or risking your living space going out of style. Here are some pillow decorating tips and tricks from the pros to help you do just that.

1. Choose The Colors

Start your pillow decorating journey by settling on the three colors you want to use. Following a color scheme or palette is the best way to ensure that your pillows don’t clash with other elements of your interior design. You should choose three colors that you can find in other elements of the room, such as the rugs, curtains, paintings, picture frames, or the walls. 

This way, you’ll have more freedom with the prints and patterns while maintaining a cohesive design scheme. Throw pillows also look best in complementary colors. They donate more character to the room, stand out and make the overall environment more upbeat and fun. If your room is a mix of neutral and striking colors, try to pull out three complementary colors that you can find in it.

2. Choose The Patterns

Just like you did with the colors, it is time to choose three patterns to incorporate into your pillows. As long as each pattern includes at least one of your chosen colors, you can mix and match all three patterns within one pillow. You can make the process of selecting patterns a little simpler by choosing one main pattern. The main pattern is usually the largest and it is the one that incorporates all three colors in your color palette. Proceed by choosing the other two patterns. 

These patterns don’t have to include the three colors – only one or two will suffice. As you can see in Vision Bedding’s pillow range, there are numerous patterns that you can go for or you can simply customize your own. Since it can be difficult to find patterns that look together, you can go with a combination of floral patterns, geometric patterns, and solid color. You can also do a toile pattern, a buffalo check, and a ticking stripe. Dotted patterns, chevrons, and knitted textures also go well together.

3. Patten Sizes

The next step would be choosing three pattern sizes to make your vision come to life. The key to this step is keeping in mind that your patterns are supposed to flow well together and not compete. Still, scaling your patterns is a crucial step. To do this, you should choose 3 different scale sizes, allowing your lead pattern to dominate. Your following pattern should be medium-sized, which would usually be stripes, houndstooth, or something similar. The pattern that should take up the least space should be the most subtle one, which is usually a solid color or a fine texture.

4. Experiment

The rule of the three is an outline that helps you make the design process easier. However, you should always keep in mind that in the world of design, some rules are meant to be broken. Following these rules help ensure that nothing goes wrong with your decoration or sets a foundation for the process, although you are always capable and free to follow your creative instinct. You can always add one more pattern or choose two large ones- the most important thing is that you create something that speaks to you.

Extra Tips

If you are opting for a modern look, you should arrange your pillows in odd numbers. You can think in threes, fives, or sevens! Odd numbers look artsier and fresh; you should also keep in mind that fewer large pillows look better than multiple smaller ones. If you want to go more traditional, arrange your pillows in even numbers.

 Even numbers suggest symmetry and balance, creating a look that’s more clean and sleek. You should always consider the fill and comfort aspects when shopping for pillows, and make sure that your pillows carry a delicate balance between smooth and rough textures.

Using throw pillows to decorate your living space is one of the easiest ways to bring your rooms to life. It is also a fast and affordable way to spruce up your bedroom. When decorating your room with throw pillows, make sure to keep the above considerations in mind, but don’t be afraid to let your creative mind take over.

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