Should you do a full background check before getting married?


Should you do a full background check before getting married?

Getting engaged is a fun, romantic, and exciting time for any relationship. With this commitment to spend your lives together, there are a number of logistical factors to consider before tying the knot. Getting married has notable impacts on your personal reputation, financial standing, and general wellbeing. Whether you have spent a number of months or a number of years together prior to getting engaged, it is important to understand everything about the person you are marrying. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why running a background check before getting married is a good idea. 

While bringing up the idea of running a background check might not be particularly romantic, ideally, you can inform your partner about your intentions. While this may be an uncomfortable conversation, the question alone is an important indicator of the trust in your relationship. Asking upfront questions and being honest is a great gauge of your partner’s openness and willingness to share important information about themselves. 

However, suppose you do not feel comfortable informing your partner beforehand of your intentions to perform a background check. In that case, there are secure services like where you are able to run a background check entirely anonymous. is a paid background check service that uses online web searches and artificial intelligence to scour millions of websites and records to find comprehensive information on someone. These websites include online databases, social media, websites, and government records. is reasonably priced, cost-effective and searches can often be run using only the first and last name of the person you want to run the background check on. The system is designed to return a comprehensive and easy-to-read report by filing out inaccurate and duplicate information. 

There is a lot of helpful data that can be pulled from an online background check from a site like Check People. Some of this information is vital to consider before making a big decision like getting married. Information that can be brought to light via an online background check includes:

Address history

The history of where your partner has lived can be helpful in understanding your partner’s relationship history. Multiple addresses may be an indicator of multiple relationships. 

Martial status, divorce history, family court issues

A review of your partner’s marital status, divorce history, and family court proceedings can help bring to light previous relationships, potential issues or complaints by an ex, or even a hidden family. 

Online profiles

Another way to utilize an online background record check is to help find alternative online profiles such as social media or online dating profiles. Duplicate accounts should be considered red flags and something to bring up to your spouse before continuing with wedding planning. 

Criminal and civil court records

One of the primary advantages of a public background check is the ability to scour public records to create a report of criminal and civil court records. This report can bring very important information to light such as previous criminal charges, sex offender status, and potential litigation against your partner in civil court. 

Financial information

Garnering a comprehensive understanding of your partner’s financial situation, including debts, bankruptcies, accounts in collections, and other important red flags, can be difficult to do via an online background check. A background check may include information on serious financial challenges such as bankruptcies, but there is an entirely different process that must be followed for credit check reports. 

Only a registered Credit Reporting Agency is allowed to conduct a fulsome financial background check however these checks can only be done with written consent and must follow the regulations outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you feel comfortable asking your partner for a credit report, there are a number of free or low-cost options available.


When embarking on the adventure of marriage, it is important to prepare yourself fully for the implications that come along with making things official with your spouse. Whether you choose to get your partner’s consent or not, an online background service like is an excellent, anonymous resource for your own well-being and financial safety. 

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