The Seven Deadly Sins of Real Estate Marketing


The Seven Deadly Sins of Real Estate Marketing

Selling real estate is a well-established process by this point, yet there are still so many agents who make mistakes when marketing properties.

To make sure that you do not stumble into avoidable obstacles in this industry, here are just a few of the most obvious errors to keep in mind.

Not using a blueprint

Life is much easier for real estate marketers if they use a template to guide their efforts for each project as well as their overarching aims for the year. Thankfully if you do not have a blueprint in place, this guide from Follow Up Boss will provide you with the marketing foundations you need to improve your effectiveness.

Neglecting to check content quality

Your real estate ads can be packed with amazing images of the property and even fancy virtual tours and other bells and whistles, but if the written copy is subpar then buyers could be put off immediately. This is why you need to exert stringent quality control over content and also be consistent with your tone to boost conversion rates.

Failing to identify your target audience

Unless you know who is likely to want to buy the properties you handle and what strategies will best gel with their expectations and interests, your marketing could fail to hit the mark. Taking a blanket approach might net you the most views, but unless you are attuned to your target audience’s needs, this will not provide any other benefits.

Running a bad website

If your website is not up to scratch, visitors will not only experience frustration when trying to use it, but the reputation of your brand will also suffer. Even if you primarily rely on third party property listings platforms to advertise to customers, your company website still needs to be modern, accessible and intuitively designed.

Bombarding clients with messaging

While it is clearly important to follow up on interactions with clients and also be proactive with your email marketing efforts, it is equally vital to avoid overdoing it, as this will run the risk of creating consternation amongst your contacts. It is similarly sensible to be reserved in your use of social media, since any over-prolific posting will cause you to lose those hard-won followers on your feeds.

Ignoring data

It has never been easier to track and measure performance thanks to the various digital marketing analytics tools that are at your disposal, so it is a major mistake to ignore the opportunities these present. From scrutinizing site visits and conversion rates to ranking sales performance and marketing costs over time, being engaged with these metrics is crucial.

Sidelining teamwork

Effective real estate marketing is only possible if employees communicate and collaborate effectively with one another in a cohesive working environment.  If your company culture is more focused around individual achievement, this could create more problems than it solves.

In conclusion, the first step to avoiding the seven most common mistakes of real estate marketing is being aware of them, so now you should be in a better position moving forwards.

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