The Top 20 Best Online Furniture Stores of 2018


The Top 20 Best Online Furniture Stores of 2018

Whether you are shopping for a new sofa or looking to remodel your home, these online furniture stores need to be on your list. Each online furniture company listed below has performed explementary efforts to produce the highest quality products with the best customer service.

At Influence Digest, it is our duty to provide you with the most accurate and quality content. Our team of researchers found the best online furniture stores that you can buy from without hesitation.


#20 Modern Relik

At modern Relik, you will find a complete solution for all your interior design requirements, but the most important feature of this online store is furniture. Here sofas, beds, chairs, and everything related to storage and shelving is available at best quality with optimum price.


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#19 Interior Homescapes

Furniture made of every possible material is available here, using the material such as different type of alloys and different kinds of wood, Interior Homescapes provide their customers with a wide range of interior design options. The designs will fulfill all your futuristic and modern needs.


#18 Southshore Furniture

Southshore Furniture is a place to find affordable yet stylish and modern furniture designs. The store contains everything from desk, craft tables, tv stand, coffee tables and much more choices for you. The store is committed to fulfilling all your artistic needs


#17 Homeclick

Homeclick as the name says that it is very easy to upgrade your homes with just a click.Homeclick provides affordable, accessible and fun ways to transform your homes into masterpieces according to your desires with their wide range of products and artistic approach.


#16 Oliverapt

This online store provides furniture that is handmade, modern furniture which is built to last. They use various kinds of woods in their creations to inspire people with their simplicity and uniqueness.

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#15 Flair Home Collection

Flair Home Collection provides a unique perspective to home furnishing and decorations. They select the designs from pure American and European vintage designs which are then blended with their own designs to produce a seamless design. You will find every product as a trend setter.


#14 Suite NY

Suite NY is a modern furniture showroom, which also provides the comfort of online shopping. Within the reach of just one click, you can get the access to world’s most beautiful designs and products in almost every category from dining, living, bedrooms, and lighting etc.

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#13 Capsule Home

With a commitment to providing good designs to everyone, Capsule Home started their journey in Los Angeles. You will find an immense collection of new and modern design furniture in the online store

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#12 McGuire

This online store is inspired by John and Elinor Mcguire. The online store provides the residents of the USA some unique and vintage furniture choices that are not very common in many online stores. You will be surprised by the simplicity and elegancy of the products on this online store


#11 Cottage and Bungalow

The furniture choices available at Cottage and Bungalow are specially made from craftsmen using traditional woodworking techniques, hence made to last forever. Their products also get featured in many lifestyle magazines.

#10 2Modern

2Modern is an online store for you if you are looking for an affordable yet stylish furniture. The store provides sale from time to time on a wide range of products. Besides furniture, the 2Modern also deals with interior decor and lighting.


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#9 The Future Perfect

At The Future Perfect, you will find some unique and futuristic design furniture products. They feature much famous design artist and studios for their interior decor products and furniture items. They provide unique yet affordable choices.


#8 Bobby Berk Home

Bobby Berk Home is an award-winning interior design company which features products in various categories like eco-friendly, fireplace, furniture and home accessories. You will have access to great designs with the comfort of shopping from home.

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#7 Bunny Williams Home

Bunny Williams is a designer with a modern vision and she shared her vision with the world with the help of this online store. The store features uniquely designed furniture with an ever growing home furnishing collections.


#6 Horchow

At Horchow, you will find the furniture with an ancient design language with the surety that ancient doesn’t ever mean old fashioned etc. The online store provides high-quality products with fun-loving colors and designs.

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#5 DWR

The furniture build at DWR is high quality with premium materials and is designed by skilled craftsmen. They make the shopping easy with their online store. Besides providing unique products they also provide services of custom furniture productions.


#4 Hayneedle

Hayneedle design furniture with the focus of creating affordable furniture for small homes. They design products that take less space and provide more productivity and comfort. Their online store is full of thousands of unique choices to choose from

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#3 Candace and Basil

Candace and Basil is a family owned and operated furniture store that offers a fresh new take on online furniture shopping. It’s where you go to get the best bang for your buck without sacrificing speed and customer service. They’re recognized for their quality products and friendly staff.


#2 High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home is an online furniture store that provides a wide range of products for your living room, bedroom and dining room. The company also provides luxury items and designer choices. Their products will satisfy your creative needs without compromising quality and value.


#1 Overstock

Overstock has covered a long distance since its beginning from a humble startup to a billion-dollar online retailer. Their hardworking and creative team is committed to providing high-quality merchandise with great value and awesome product choices.

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These Online Furniture stores are the future of online shopping. Try them for yourself!

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