Top Qualities Of The Best Estate Planning Attorney


Top Qualities Of The Best Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is an important aspect of your life. It helps you plan your future. With this, you can distribute your wealth according to your wishes. It also helps you participate in charitable courses when you are one. That’s why you need the right estate planning attorney. Select the right lawyer. Choose a lawyer who can give you legal real estate advice when it comes to the process of drafting an estate plan. Here are the top qualities to consider when selecting your next estate planning lawyer.

Specializes In Estate Planning

This isn’t that easy. It involves a lot of complex aspects. It requires skills. You need a lawyer with the right experience. That’s why you should be careful when selecting your estate planning lawyer.

Choose a lawyer who can comfortably handle these plans. He/she should understand all the regional laws, tax laws, as well as probate always. Choose a lawyer with in-depth knowledge when it comes to probate, living trust, wills, estate tax planning, and healthcare proxy. Your lawyer should also have vast knowledge in the areas of probate avoidance, asset protection, etc.

Remember, a lawyer who focuses on general law, family law, and criminal justice won’t produce the best results. Thus, check the specialization of that lawyer first. Remember, this can be a complex endeavor. You need somebody who understands everything about the process.

Relevant Skills

Estate planning covers many topics. From estate tax to will development, you need somebody who has mastered everything in estate planning. Thus, ascertain that your lawyer understands gift tax returns, property law, and disability arrangements.

An experienced lawyer will guide you through the process of establishing the best pan. He/she will walk you through the complex aspects of estate planning. Remember, simple mistakes can make the plan ineffective. It can also lead to confusion when you are gone. Make everything clear with an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Uses Modern Technology

Technology is changing how things are done, especially in drafting estate plans. Technology makes it easy to draft a good estate plan. It helps lawyers craft accurate plans. Thus, leverage technology to create that estate plan. Choose a lawyer who uses modern technology to draft a good estate plan.

With modern technology, you have tools that can streamline the process of creating the right plan. It eliminates duplicating of data. Thus, select a lawyer who utilizes cutting-edge technology when undertaking the process.

Quick and Efficient

Choose an efficient estate planning lawyer. Remember, drawing an estate plan takes time. A lawyer who does things quickly and more efficiently will give you peace of mind. A good lawyer should give you the first draft within a few weeks. On average, it takes at most 2 months to draft an effective estate plan.

Choose a lawyer with enough time to dedicate to your case. Don’t select a lawyer with too many clients. In most cases, he/she will not dedicate enough time to your estate plan. Ask the lawyer about timelines. Choose a lawyer who is willing to expedite the process within 2 months.

Flat Fees

Choose an honest and fair lawyer. A good lawyer is considerate when it comes to fees. Preferably, select a lawyer who is willing to work based on a flat fee. According to top lawyers, a good estate planning attorney should charge you a one-time flat fee.

This means that you can complete your estate planning objectives at a flat fee. Stay away from lawyers who are not open about the fee. Hidden fees are red flags you should watch out for.

Remember, this is a straightforward activity. It should not involve a lot of fees. Plus, ask for an agreement. An agreement is binding. It will cover the activities and all costs to be incurred.

Offers Guidance

Estate planning is a complex process. You need a legal background to understand the process. That’s why you need somebody to guide you through the whole process. Hire a lawyer who is willing to involve you in every process. A good lawyer will explain every step, task, and procedure.

This makes you feel part of the process. Plus, this will cultivate trust, giving you peace of mind in your old age. An experienced attorney will guide you when it comes to the legal terminologies in estate planning. He/she will do everything to outline all your wishes clearly.

Communicates Regularly

Constant communication is an important aspect of law. Estate planning lawyers should embrace the open challenge of communication. Don’t choose a lawyer who (after giving you the final copy) vanishes.

He/she should keep in touch. A good lawyer will want to familiarize himself/herself with your goals, objectives, and values. He/she should advise you regularly on how to meet your goals. This way, you can be sure of a smooth process after you are gone.

How To Select The Right Estate Planning Lawyer

There are several estate planning lawyers on the market. Getting this process is important. Remember, not every lawyer can draft the best estate plan. Besides the above qualities, you should also conduct your research before choosing a particular lawyer. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best attorney.


Research first. Sample several lawyers. Contact these lawyers. Give them a call. Arrange a free consultation with these lawyers. Ask questions. Choose a lawyer you are comfortable working with. Select a lawyer who listens to you.


Ask for referrals. Your lawyer can give you good referrals. Also, property experts can give you excellent referrals. Ask your age mates for referrals.


Read reviews from past customers. A good lawyer will always attract positive reviews.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t put your estate planning needs in the hands of the wrong lawyer. Remember, estate planning will determine how your assets will be managed when you are gone. Hire a competent lawyer. Choose a lawyer who understands how to craft a solid estate plan. He/she should understand the local laws. Choose an experienced lawyer, especially on matters to do with drafting a will and calculating estate planning tax. Use the above tips and tricks to select the right lawyer. 

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