What Are the Best Treatment Options for Thinning Hair?


What Are the Best Treatment Options for Thinning Hair?

Experiencing thinning hair is up there with hair loss as something most people want to avoid when it comes to their appearance. Rather than a condition that only affects the elderly, along with baldness thinning hair is common in younger men and women too. Both thinning hair and hair loss are closely linked, with the former usually leading to baldness, whether temporary or permanent. As it can affect those suffering from thinning hair with a lack of confidence in their appearance, there are many remedies available to provide a solution. Here, are some of the best treatment options out there to help reverse thinning hair and potential hair loss, as well as what can cause it.

Thinning Hair Causes

Thinning hair is usually a gradual process that you will start to notice from small amounts of regular hair loss. Whilst it is normal for everyone to experience some level of hair loss, if the rate at which this is happening is quicker than the hair regrowth cycle, thinning hair becomes noticeable and may lead to eventual hair loss or baldness. This is why thinning hair can also be referred to as moderate hair loss and will leave the appearance of areas of your scalp with fewer hair layers, in contrast to those with thick hair. There are a few reasons why thinning hair can occur – genetic disposition, lifestyle factors or a combination of both. Commonly, overuse of hair products and poor diet can lead to thinning hair alongside a family history of hair loss or baldness.

Hair Transplant

For those that have been experiencing thinning hair for a while and the hair loss regrowth cycle has continuously slowed, permanent hair loss may occur. This could either be overall baldness or patches of bald hair, such as seen with alopecia areata that can occur on the scalp and other areas of the body. As a result, any permanent hair loss will mean options such as a hair transplant could be the only option. Many medical tourists will seek an expert hair transplant in Turkey to keep the costs of this down whilst benefiting from natural-looking results. If you are unsure if your hair loss is permanent, it is best to seek medical advice and have your scalp examined first. Another option is PRP treatment, such as the one done at hair and skin science Melbourne. This is when your blood plasma is used to help the regeneration of hair follicles.

Increase intake of Essential Vitamins

Not all solutions involve expensive treatment, as getting the right intake of essential vitamins and minerals through better diet choices can help reverse the signs of thinning hair or even prevent it from happening at all. If someone has a deficiency in iron, folic acid and other essential minerals, this will affect how healthy the hair follicles are and drastically impact the regrowth cycle. Other lifestyle factors alongside diet include high levels of stress, which increases cortisol production that harms hair growth, as well as products used on the hair. Regular heat treatment from blow-dryers, straighteners, curlers etc. can all damage the hair alongside colour treatment, as well as tight hairstyles that will pull at the scalp and cause hair to break. An increase in what’s good for you alongside a reduction of the harmful products and treatments should help to alleviate thinning hair.

You can also try oils to help strengthen your hair. Here you can find an excellent option where you can get it.


Laser Therapy

Alongside over the counter remedies such as Rogaine that is massaged into the scalp, stimulating hair growth is one way to combat thinning hair. Another is laser therapy and it works by directly treating the affected area with low levels of red light that stimulates blood flow and helps the follicles to grow back thicker. Laser therapy is an option available within specialist clinics but also at home with many products providing low light therapy. The results are not immediate and can take weeks to months before any significant hair regrowth is seen.

Final Views

Though the above-stated treatment options can prove to be effective to solve the hair thinning and hair loss problem, it is always suggested to consult the experts before going ahead with any treatment. It is because they would help you find the right cure for your problem. You can do so easily in this digital world by consulting the experts available through the best digital healthcare platforms like numan, where the team is more than willing to help you at every step of the treatment.

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