What To Do With All The Vacation Photos?


What To Do With All The Vacation Photos?

When we return home from an exotic trip, where a lot of stunning pictures were taken, the question “what is the best way to store photos?” arises. In this article, we will explain how to store photos on vacation without a laptop. You are someone who probably finds it hard to let go of the many digital photos that you took from different occasions or happenings in your life. Every photo holds a special place in your heart, be it your wedding photos, honeymoon, travel photos, family reunion, and memorial photos.

Modern technologies allow even those people who have an ordinary phone with a camera to be photographers. Our computers, cameras, smartphones, and other digital data storage devices store a vast number of digital photos, and more often, we don’t know where and what is stored. But you took these photographs not to forget them on a hard drive or another electronic device. You made them for yourself, for your memories.

Common situation — you go on vacation; the trip is full of various adventures and excursions; numerous unique photographs are taken. Upon arrival, the question “what to do with all these photos?”  immediately arises. What to do: save them somewhere on a hard drive or use them for some purposes?

How to store photos on vacation without a laptop and not overload your hard drive? There are many ways to organize file storage and even make money from them. We offer you the best ways to store photos from your vacation and would like to tell you how your photos can work for you and bring you income.


Cloud Photography Storage

If you still store photos on a computer hard drive or external storage media, stop urgently. It’s much more convenient, and most importantly, safer to use cloud storage for family archives and files that are precious to you.

Cloud storage is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to store photos on vacation without a laptop. The convenience of storing pics in this way is that you can use them from anywhere. Just imagine, you come to your friends or relatives without any storage device, empty-handed, immediately open their laptop and show all the saved photos. Very nice!

Lots of global giants on the market offer users this best way to store photos. For instance, Google submits a one-size-fits-all solution for storing photos on vacation without a laptop, available for users of all popular platforms. You can work with any files directly in the cloud drive. But managing images is much more convenient through a separate cross-platform Google Photos app that syncs with the cloud.

The service principle of work is simple. You add your pictures via Google Photos, and they are grouped by time and location. Photos are uploaded automatically from mobile devices.

Sell Your Photos Online

Stock Photography Sites are sites created for photos sale and purchase. Photographers and illustrators from all over the world upload images, and all kinds of designers, advertising creators, marketers, and everyone else — buy them.

There is a widespread belief that it’s imperative to obtain an expensive SLR camera in order to make money on stock photography. That’s true. However, a trend and a demand for more spontaneous and lively photographs appeared not so long ago. And in order not to miss this trend and make money in the growing market, the largest stock photo platforms are starting to accept photos taken with smartphones.

It means that you can sell your photos made on the mobile phone and make money successfully. You can take photos of world-famous landmarks and little-visited places. The first type is initially sold very actively because the just uploaded photos get first search results on such websites, and they are searched for more often. Photographs of the second type are purchased less actively but steadily.

Therefore, this can be considered one of the best ways to store photos, which can bring you additional income.

Create A Slideshow With Music

So that you don’t have to store photos somewhere in a folder, you can edit them in an online photo editor and create a slideshow with music in any of the numerous applications.


To make a video from photos, it isn’t necessary, as many believe, to make a titanic effort and spend time mastering a complex video editor. Today the modern software market offers various programs with basic functionality developed for ordinary people, not professionals. With the help of these online editors and video editing software for PC, everyone can create their slideshow with music without spending more than 10 minutes learning the functionality.

By adding funny custom stickers, humorous comments, special effects, voiceovers using ai tts tools, suitable music, you will definitely create a slideshow from photos that will have delighted you and reminded you of wonderful moments for a very long time.

Make A Photo Album Book Online

To store photos on vacation without a laptop, the option with a thematic photo album comes in handy. By creating a photo album book online, you will leave pleasant moments in your memory for a long time. Your vacation photographs won’t be stored on the computer’s hard drive, which you will forget about soon. This best way to store photos will have brought you joy for years to come.

Here are some tips to help you create a unique photo album book design online:

  • Edit photos in an online photo editor. Faded photographs are difficult to perceive, so adjust exposure, contrast, and brightness settings to make shots more saturated.
  • If you want to make a photo album book online in the united style, select one filter in your online photo editor and apply it to all pics.
  • Look for design ideas on sites like Pinterest, or use the pre-built design templates.
  • If you are adding text, limit your selection to two fonts. Make sure the text matches the photo album book’s general style and doesn’t take the main part of the page.
  • When designing a cover, choose a photo with fewer details.

Social Media Posting / Blogging

Yeap! We have saved this most primitive but one of the best ways to store photos for last. No one has yet cancelled travel blogging in the 21st century, and the popularity of social media is growing exponentially every day. And if you are fond of travelling and always take heaps of photos and videos, then this isn’t the best way to store photos only, but the best way to sell your pictures (to make money from them, to be precise) as well.

That means you don’t have to write long reads with deep meaning. Many photography experts simply publish various images from around the world with a little description. Such influencers have thousands of subscribers, and their hobby brings a good income.

However, remember, you need to spend as much time as you spend on a full-time job to make money on a travel blog.

A large number of successful shots can confuse you because it’s so hard to choose one of them and frame it. And if you simply don’t want to spend money on printing a huge amount of photos, or maybe you are afraid of potential problems with the hard drive and the prospect of losing all the precious data, don’t despair. In this case, use our tips on how to store photos without a laptop. And pics of your bright moments will have stayed with you for a lifetime!

Create Portable Souvenirs of Your Vacation

Want a unique souvenir of your vacation? Make it yourself using the photos you took. You could design a photo keychain that you can carry around. If you’re always on your phone, you could make a personalized phone case using your vacation photos in the design. There are also personalized photo blankets, tapestries, mugs, T-shirts, and other everyday items that you can customize to include pictures from your vacation. You can even give them as gifts to the people you went on that vacation with.

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