Why Chicago Is Paradise for Any Influencer


Why Chicago Is Paradise for Any Influencer

Chicago is home to a number of influencers, including Nicole Brashear, a fashion blogger and digital marketer, Helen Berkun, a creative director, stylist and fashion photographer, and Hayet Rida, a blogger who focuses on body confidence, wellbeing, fashion and lifestyle. Chicago appears to be a top choice for many influencers in the fashion and style industry, and it’s easy to see why, and if your idea is to move there, there are many cross country movers that can help you with this. Here’s why the modern and stylish city of Chicago is an amazing base for any influencer. 

Easy to Get Around

Influencers need to be able to get from one place to another easily. Whether you are recording a new episode of a podcast, heading to the studio to take new photos for the gram, or working with a Chicago-based fashion company, the last thing you need is a journey that takes forever. In the 1800s, Chicago rose to prominence as a transport hub with excellent rail lines and Great Lakes access. Today, it is easy to get around and out of the city with two large airports with direct flights to anywhere in the world, regular public transport, cabs, rideshare services, water taxis on the Chicago River, and more. 

Art Collections

Art and lifestyle influencers particularly love Chicago because of its art collections featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and many other independent and smaller art galleries and exhibitions across the city. You will find art pretty much anywhere here, from sculptures in the park-like the ‘bean’ located in Millennium Park, to The Cultural Center. Even the buildings in the city themselves are artistic, designed by a team of leading architects. 


Fashion influencers need good shopping opportunities, and the good news is that there is something for everybody when it comes to shopping in Chicago. The famous Michigan Ave shopping district is popular with both residents and tourists, with big national brands and smaller boutique and designer brands represented here. For influencers who are looking for a more boutique shopping experience with vintage and one-off gems to find, head to the upscale Lincoln Park shops or the alternative shopping area in Wicker Park.

Studios and Facilities

Chicago has made a name for itself as a creative city, which is just one of the reasons why influencers are often drawn here. Whether you’re looking for a studio to use for photography, recording videos, or recording an episode of your podcast, you are sure to find a Chicago rehearsal studio that is suitable for you and easy to access. Check out these Chicago rehearsal studios from Pirate.com to find out more about the 24/7 access, self-serve rehearsal, and recording studios in Chicago. Each booking offers free mics, guitar amps, and drum kits, making them suitable for music influencers and any other influencer type looking for studio use. 

Food Selection

Food influencers enjoy Chicago due to the excellent foodie scene in the city. The city itself has a hot dog and pizza style in its name and the junk food here is some of the best in the country. But it’s not all about the fast-food – Chicago is home to some of the best-rated restaurants in the world, with some run by celebrity chefs such as Grant Achatz and Rick Bayless. The foodie culture here is vibrant, making it the perfect location for anybody who’s all about food and working in collaboration with some of the best restaurants and eateries in town.


While the winter in Chicago might be brutal, the four distinct seasons in this city make it the perfect backdrop for getting those stunning social media pictures all year around. Snowy winters might be cold but they are definitely picturesque, and the weather in the summer and spring certainly make up for the colder temperatures. The mood of the city will change completely as the weather begins to warm up at the beginning of spring, and in the fall, cider stalls and pumpkin picking patches begin to appear. 


Chicago is ideal for any type of influencer looking for somewhere new to live. Young, single influencers might choose a modern apartment in the city itself, but if you are a family influencer looking for somewhere quiet and safe to raise your kids, the suburbs here are perfect. Older suburbs like Evanston and Oak Park are an ideal choice since they are close enough to the city to make it easy for you to get to everything you need while providing a safe, smaller-town feel. On the North Shore, you’ll find nationally ranked schools that are a popular choice with parents and a range of stunning properties including lakeside mansions. Whatever kind of home you are looking for, you’re sure to find it here. 

Chicago is popular with influencers in all industries, and it’s easy to see why. If you are an established influencer or just starting your career, there are plenty of reasons to check this city out.

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