Why choose reactJS for web development?


Why choose reactJS for web development?

The ecosystem of web development is something that’s constantly evolving. Tools continue to advance and it’s difficult to know exactly what you need for your project, but new libraries and frameworks continually emerge, making it increasingly essential that we’re consuming the new technology we need for web development projects and others.

The popular web development framework called ReactJS has been breaking records in web development services. It began to attract a lot of people’s attention only recently because of the rise in the popularity of JavaScript.

What is ReactJS?

React JS is basically a JavaScript library developed by the creative and innovative minds behind Facebook. React JS is dubbed as an ultra-lightweight and efficient open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of applications of web development.

With developers’ preference shifting to Javascript for building applications of web development, React has taken the web development industry by storm – quite like what happened when Google Chrome took the world of browsers by surprise.

Over 220,000 live websites already use ReactJS in today’s time. However, some of the industry biggies like Apple and Netflix have already adopted ReactJS navigation as part of their cutting-edge software productions.

Companies ranging from Facebook to Walmart are using ReactJS navigation because it is a very user-friendly framework that focuses heavily on code reusability and reduces the number of additional tools required for a project.

Advantages of ReactJS for Web development-

ReactJS delivers a better user experience to apps and web development. Let’s see some of the key features that make React JS stand out from other competing technologies.

  • Mobile App Development-

ReactJS is capable of doing much more than its original purpose of being used in web development applications. Hire ReactJS Developer who can create mobile applications using the same JavaScript code that they would use in their normal application.

It allows you to reuse the same exact components in your native mobile apps so that there are no limitations when building products with ReactJS for both iOS and Android.

  • Performance-

ReactJS is a library created for high performance. One of the factors that contribute to the maintainability and speed of React apps is its virtual DOM. This makes the complicated apps run fast too.

  • Usability-

ReactJS is much like playing with LEGOs if you enjoy creating stuff. You can build whatever you want just by combining predefined elements.

  • Flexibility-

Compared to other web development frameworks. ReactJS is flexible due to its modular structure. This flexibility, in turn, saves time and cost to businesses.

  • Speed-

ReactJS library developed by Facebook enables web developers to speed up the applications of web development. This application is made up of many components, and each component can be developed separately without disturbing each other’s core logic.

Why choose ReactJS for Web Development?

If you have already heard of ReactJS, but are still rather new to it, this post will walk you down the top reasons that why using ReactJS for web development can be advantageous.

1. Easy to learn-

Compared to other web development frameworks like Angular & Vue. ReactJS is much easier to learn. In fact, it’s the main reason why ReactJS gained traction in no time at all. It helps businesses quickly build their mobile applications.

2. Allows writing custom components-

ReactJS comes with JSX, an optional language extension. This allows users to create custom components (just like the built-in ones) but at the same time make subcomponents easy to manage.

3. Build rich user interfaces-

Today, the quality of a user interface plays an important role in how a mobile application is liked by its users. If the UI looks terrible, it increases the chances of your application not being widely adopted or getting poor ratings from those who try it.

ReactJS is built in a way where you can build custom components, which will ultimately help you improve the user experience of your web applications by creating custom controls for them. An absolute must-have.

4. Uplifts developers’ productivity-

A component-based approach provides granular control over portions of a UI which in turn, makes it easy to manipulate and tailor individual components with specific rules. ReactJS is beneficial when it comes to developing new features because each component can be developed independently without disrupting the rest of the web applications.

5. Faster Rendering-

When building a high-load web application or product, pre-planning on the app’s structure is required since the app performance is so important. This strategy thus becomes mandatory for building top-quality apps and greater satisfaction for customers.

6. SEO-

Thanks to the fast rendering, ReactJS, compared to other frameworks, enables businesses to keep page loading time low. This allows for them to compete with giants like Amazon or eBay for higher search results, because as we all know there is no such thing as being too high on a page’s ranking.

7. Useful developer toolset-

Learning emerging technologies and then using them in real-life projects can be both fun and profitable, but only if they are used correctly. ReactJS tools are web development applications for web developers which allow them to make use of the latest features offered by JavaScript libraries.

8. Better code stability-

ReactJS follows a data model that allows the main application to change without having any effect on its child objects. This consistency gives web development programmers a better chance of being able to fix any issues that come up during development without disrupting the other sections of the site or app.

9. Strong Community support-

One of the main reasons one should adopt ReactJS is its community support. Also, there are QA sites like Stack Overflow and Quora where people use it regularly to answer the questions so that you can never feel stuck.

With this final piece, we’ve arrived at the conclusion of this post. We hope that now you can understand why ReactJS is such a great web development application, and how it differs from other similar libraries and frameworks like Angular. 

It’s safe to say that ReactJS is one of the best web development applications today.

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