Why Every Student Should Have a LinkedIn Page


Why Every Student Should Have a LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn can confuse a newbie user pretty decently. There are people who consider this website to be another social media resource, and they’re right. There also are those thinking LinkedIn to be an announcement site where employees look for vacancies and companies look for employees. And they are right as well.

Actually, LinkedIn combines features of a job board and a social network. Still, it’s not something like Facebook. For example, you doubtfully would want to use LinkedIn to find a paper helper or a one-time service guy. This means LinkedIn is more than a simple job vacancy stock.

Modern students tend to underestimate LinkedIn. However, there are particular reasons why every student should visit that website as regularly as they check the best essay writing service reviews.

Create and Support Professional Brand

Students delay creating a LinkedIn profile due to many reasons. The main factor they might think about is their immaturity as professionals. “I’ll create a page on LinkedIn when I have something to offer”
– that’s what they think. And they are mistaken.

A LinkedIn page is your identity in the reality of professionals. When someone starts googling you, you definitely want them to find the info about who you are as an expert. So, the sooner you pass through that “branding” procedure, the better. That’s how you set up your background far before becoming a pro in your area.

Receive Job Notifications

Despite the discussed network going beyond simply being a job-seeking site, it is totally suitable to find your first vacancy or change one when you need it. It’s great for a student, isn’t it? LinkedIn notification letters and popup messages can be adjusted to deliver you when the opportunity appears from a particular company, industry, or even person. Filtering those according to the titles is another guarantee for you to remain informed about new possibilities all the time.

See Career Opportunities

Regarding the point mentioned above, finding professionals already working in your wanted field can be extremely useful, too. Just see their pages. Analyzing them can help you find reasons for someone’s career success perfectly. Then, you can decide which points of their career ways can be integrated into your one.

Prepare for Interviews

All students will have their first internship or job interview sooner or later. Here is a simple but effective lifehack: most probably, you’ll know the interviewer’s name, so try checking their LinkedIn profile. That’ll be the solid background data for you to give the interviewer more than they might expect.

Work on Your Network

A modern world of professions is the reality of networking. Over 80% of vacancies are filled through networking nowadays. So, if you are familiar with the field professionals, your chance to get a cool position increases significantly. Work on your network, and it will pay off sooner or later!

Find Internships or Jobs as a Student

You have a particular “dream company” you would like to join as an intern or graduate, don’t you? Just use LinkedIn to find connections and ways leading to it. It’s good to know people who know people.

Let Others Know

After your page gets an update in terms of successes, responsibilities, experience, or achievements, the entire network will be notified. All people who potentially are your colleagues, employers or mentors will be able to track your progress without the need to message them separately.

An obvious advantage is that this notification opportunity is your chance to remain on people’s radars with little to no effort. The point is, your experience and qualification will come to their thoughts when a suitable job opportunity appears in their companies. It’s a win-win.

Upgrade the CV

Mostly, HR managers prefer short CVs. That means you don’t have a lot of space to display all the wanted info on that A4 page. How do you solve that issue?

Just use LinkedIn! Add a profile link to your CV, and your qualification will get a significant boost in the eyes of HR managers for sure. It’s a database for your future employers. Some of them may even start tracking your progress far before you’re graduated.

Be a Group Member

On LinkedIn, you’ll get automated notifications about the communities that might suit you according to the profile’s info. As that group’s member, you’ll have direct access to the field’s leaders and opinion speakers. Check what they post in their profiles to keep in the stream of the industry. Additionally, a group will be an irreplaceable backup source when it comes to looking for your first job opportunity.

Know More about Companies

Modern companies are on LinkedIn if they want to look attractive to potential employees and business partners. So, you can find a lot more information about this or that employer far before even visiting their office for an interview.

That would help you decide whether or not you actually want to come. Moreover, a company’s LinkedIn profile can show their vacancies. And that’s always a plus for a student.

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