18 Help Desk Statistics Business Leaders Need to Be Aware Of in 2022


18 Help Desk Statistics Business Leaders Need to Be Aware Of in 2022

The help desk software market has boomed over the past couple of years due to people’s luxury of choice and businesses catering to larger global audiences. All this has mandated businesses to offer excellent customer experience across a customers’ buying journey and even after that. Technology has played a great role in optimizing how businesses offer customer service and customer support. Help desk software is one of the most lucrative software business leaders can have today. 

In this blog, we have listed some of the best help desk software statistics to give you a tangible look into the software market, its impact, and its potential. 

Help Desk Market Size Statistics 

Though business leaders worldwide have understood how effective help desk support software is to offer great customer service, the world hasn’t yet fully adopted it. There is, however, a significant expansion in its market. 

1. The helpdesk software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.17% from 2017 to 2023. The market is expected to be worth USD 5.01 billion by 2023. (Market Research Future)

2. Only 24 percent of respondents think that existing ITSM best practices have kept up with the changing IT and business landscapes. (ManageEngine)

3. More than one in three companies say customers and prospects prefer to complete a purchase or resolve service issues without speaking to a human agent, if possible. (Oracle)

Help Desk Software Drives Better Savings and Profits

Most importantly, help desk software helps you save big, cuts unnecessary expenses, and gives a better monetary output from operations. 

4. The cost of manually handling a help desk ticket is $22. However, with the help of automation, 22% of total service desk tickets can be resolved at practically no cost. (BMC)

5. For every $1 you invest in customer experience via help desks and similar platforms, you can reap a return on investment of $3. (ProProfs Desk)

6. On average, US service desks’ cost per voice minute is $2.13. Meanwhile, the average cost per minute of handle times is $1.60. (BMC)

Help Desk Software Offers an Omnichannel Customer Experience

A help desk software integrates with a host of software to open numerous opportunities for agents and customers to connect. Communication across channels can be viewed in unison in help desk software. 

7. As many as 86% of customers say they want to move from channel to channel and still have seamless conversations with agents. That’s why omnichannel help desk support is crucial. (TeleSpeak). 

  • Live Chat 

Live chat helps digital businesses increase humanness and the way they interact with their customers, creating trust and deeper relationships. 

8. Companies that scored 90% or higher for customer satisfaction over live chat had an average wait time of just 46 seconds. (Comm100) 

9. Live chat is the most favored customer support channel for shoppers aged 18 to 49. (Gartner) 

  • Email 

Email remains the best option to track tickets and see the progress. It offers a sense of formality and permanence. 

10. 54% of customers used email for customer service last year, making it the most used digital channel for customer service. (Forrester) 

11. 57% of customers are more likely to contact businesses via digital media such as email or social media than voice-based customer support. (Ameyo)

  • Knowledgebase 

They offer instant help to both agents and customers. In addition, written articles establish trust in prospects and customers while solving their queries quickly. 

40 percent of customers prefer self-service over human contact. ( Forbes)

12. A significant proportion of customers prefer knowledge bases over all other self-service channels. (Forrester) 

13. 91% of customers would use a self-service knowledge base if available and tailored to their needs. ( Social Media Today)

  • Chatbot 

AI-driven, conversational Chatbot allows businesses to cater to prospects’ and customers’ needs round-the-clock. It helps them self-serve and gets answers to their FAQs. It can also issue tickets for complex concerts to be solved later by a live agent. 

14. The adoption of chatbots could save the healthcare, banking, and retail sectors $11 billion annually by 2023 (Business Insider)  

15. More than 50% of the customers expect an organization to be available 24/7 for support (VentureBeat)  

Help Desk Software Training

Businesses formally train their executives to provide improved ITSM services and teach more advanced technologies, considering the importance of service desk software.  

16. Companies that spend more time in initial ongoing service desk training have greater first-contact resolution rates. (ThinkHDI)  

17. Most service desk employees are provided with 10 to 80 hours of training every year. (SDI)  

18. 69% of service desk executives receive additional training for 10 to 40 hours every year. The most popular ongoing training types include security policies and procedures (42%), specific IT skills (63%), product/service-related information (68%), and service desk procedures (80%). (SDI) 

Final Words

In a world where customer experience reigns superior to all the metrics, your focus as a business leader should be to enhance the quality of customer experience. And the tangible way to do this – is to invest in modern-day cutting-edge technologies, in this case, help desk software. A software that helps you respond to your customers quickly and solve their queries quicker.

We hope you found this article inspiring. For more such content, stay tuned to InfluenceDigest.com. 

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