2021 Q1 Data Unveils the Jobs That Saw an Uprise in Advertisements


2021 Q1 Data Unveils the Jobs That Saw an Uprise in Advertisements


The job market is often on the move, not least during a pandemic. The advantages of CPD can help professionals accommodate the changes. You can make sure your training is ready to take on the challenges of building a successful career. 

The most popular advertised Q1 job opportunities in 2021 highlight the pandemic’s impact. But COVID-19 isn’t the only reason the job market is shifting. Digitalization continues to have an impact on available jobs and the skills needed to make it in the job market. 

What were the most available jobs in Q1 of 2021?

CPD Standards Office shared their analysis of Glassdoor’s available jobs and found the most advertised jobs in 2021. The analysis found:

  • 4.32% of available job openings were advertised for registered nurses
  • 2.35% of jobs on offer were for janitorial staff and cleaners
  • 2% of available jobs were advertised for marketing managers
  • 1.97% of roles were for digital marketing representatives
  • 1.79% of open roles were advertised for private childcare providers such as nannies
  • 1.48% of available jobs were for private tutors

When you examine the data deeper you also find several big cities in the UK dominating the job market. Out of all the available job openings, almost 28% were in London. Cities such as Birmingham (13.77%) and Cambridge (13.33%) followed closely. Considering their proximity to the capital city, it’s easy to see how the city lights of London still lure in many people.

What explains the most available jobs? 

The above list might look a little surprising at first glance. But when you examine it in the context of the past year or two, it all looks a lot clearer. There are three factors explaining the above list of jobs:

1. The pandemic

Obviously, the big elephant in the room is the COVID-19 pandemic. It created a lot of pressure on the medical care sector and the need for registered nurses isn’t a surprise. The pandemic also required businesses to hire more cleaning staff, as the government introduced a lot stricter guidelines for hygiene. 

Similarly, teaching staff and private nannies were needed as more parents had to work from home. A lot of parents also turned to homeschool due to COVID-19 anxiety. According to BBC research, the number of children registering for home education increased by 75% in the eight months of the current school year. Even when parents haven’t removed their kids from school altogether, many want private tutoring to limit the impact last year’s homeschooling might have had on their kids’ education.

The pandemic can even increase the growing requirement for marketing managers. Most business activities were transferred online, with top UK retailers saying their average online traffic grew by over 50% during the early months of the pandemic. Businesses had to find customers to survive the pandemic, and those customers were largely shopping and browsing online. 

2. Digitalisation

The high figure for marketing and digital marketing managers can also be explained by digitalization. Even before the pandemic, the online shopping market size had been growing. During the pandemic, the growth increased and it’s unlikely to drop significantly in the coming years. 

But digitalization doesn’t end there. The higher figure for private tutors is another fascinating job digitalization has changed. Online lessons are much more commonplace these days because of their ease. There are different learning platforms and our appetite for learning is growing. For example, Duolingo reported its new user figures growing by 101% in March 2020

3. Changing career goals

Finally, there has been a big shift in career objectives for many people. Long gone are the days when we trained for a role and stuck with that career trajectory until retirement. Millennials and Generation X are more interested in personal career development and satisfaction than just pure money.

They aren’t afraid to try something new and go from one career path to another. While this can sometimes be forced by economic situations, there is also a personal desire to try different things. 

This is why continuing professional development is more important than ever. Employers are looking for transferable skills because they understand these changing career goals. Many benefits of CPD are clear to the modern employer. 

If you examine today’s job postings, you’ll find that many of them focus on skills specifically, rather than just stare at qualifications and training. Employers and employees want to align their skills and values. Finding the right job for you has become more about job satisfaction and professional development.

The workplace is changing and the available job roles show it in full force. If you want to succeed in this changing market, you need to unleash the benefits of continuing professional development.

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