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5 Different Ways to Show Your Brand Values on Social Media


Different Ways to Show Your Brand Values on Social Media

While your products and services are essential, your values are the core of your brand’s DNA. After all, 71% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that align with their values. Whether your buyers shop through your website or social media, they research if you mean what you say.

How to Show Your Brand’s Values on Social Media

Social media is the perfect place to connect with your audience on a more personal level. If you want to present your values appropriately while keeping engagement high, do the following.

1. Give Customers a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

Our employees are our biggest advocates. We trust them to give an accurate representation of our brand, and consumers often reach out to them to check if we’re being honest. That’s why it’s important to illustrate our team member’s achievements on social media through photographs.

Showing people what’s behind engagement can foster trust, especially if your employees are exceptional influencers. But if they aren’t, you can teach your employees to become influencers through video production courses, life coach training, touch-typing training, and more. 

2. Support Causes That Align With Your Brand

Brands should support causes that align with their brand because it solidifies their message. It also just makes sense. For example, vegan customers who are supporting a vegan brand would naturally be upset if they partnered with a butchery or dairy farm. Way to ruin your reputation!

At the same time, you should never support something just for clout, as that can be equally as upsetting. While using rainbow filters for pictures during Pride Month is a great gesture, you should also give back to the community through charity and diversity-based hiring practices.

3. Respond to Comments (Positive or Negative)

Consumers love to interact with brands they support. By responding to comments, be they positive or negative, you’re showing that you care. It also makes you more human. Brands that seem more accessible tend to be viewed favourably by young demographics, like Gen Z.

It’s tempting to ignore negative reviews and only interact with what’s positive, but unless the comment is abusive, there’s a good chance you can save the relationship. The way you respond to negativity can really show your character, so don’t let one bad day lead to a fatal mistake.

4. Show Images That Reflect Your Brand’s Values

Diversity is a commonly held brand value, but the media they use doesn’t reflect this. Our unconscious biases tend to favour people who look and act like us. You may not notice that your images aren’t inclusive, but your customers certainly do, and they’ll likely call you out on it.

Small clothing lines can be inclusive by photographing their clothes on various body types. However, If your workplace prides itself on being diverse, you must start including photos of people from all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, body types, and so on.

5. Match Your Products or Services to Your Design

What you sell says a lot about your values. For example, a company that sells physical journals, calendar software, or to-do list templates will likely value organization, discipline, and passion. If your content is messy, inconsistent, or non-existent, you’re not exactly living your values. When creating content, ask yourself if someone who lives through your values would enjoy the images, videos, and documents you produce. Bonus points if you write about topics that help your target customers, as it encourages them to engage with your content for longer.

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