6 Secret Ingredients of a Bestseller Online Course


6 Secret Ingredients of a Bestseller Online Course

Online courses to learn a wide variety of disciplines are now a mainstay of our society. It is especially so with the current epidemic on our hands.

Many people are not convinced that online courses can be as effective as traditional classroom courses. However, the results prove them wrong as many competent professionals have learned their trade through online courses.

Not all online courses are equal, and some are better than others, which leads to the question, ‘just what makes a bestseller online course?’ There are many answers to that question.

The following are six secret elements to make a great online course:

Create a Community

One of the biggest obstacles online courses face is that the learner feels that they are embarking on a solo learning journey. That can be very challenging for those used to shared classroom learning experiences.

Therefore, you should create a community in your learning course by encouraging interaction between the learners. Eventually, you should create an environment where the students are not only learning from you but also from each other.

It has never been easier to create an online community than it is today. The greatest lesson your students will have is how to depend on each other and be self-sufficient.

Set Clear Goals for the Course

You should clearly state the outcome the learner can expect after studying your course. You would be surprised at how many students are not clear on their course even after completing it.

Moreover, if your course does not state a clear outcome at the end of it, people are less likely to buy it. Research shows that courses with clearly outlined outcomes have higher completion and satisfaction rates as well as fewer refund requests.

Having a bottom-line is essential when creating an online course. Those without simply cannot sell.

Have a Well-Designed Course

The saying, ‘first impressions matter’ rings true in many cases, including when creating an online course. Presentation is crucial to the success or failure of an online course.

Before you can offer the benefits of a course to students, you first have to attract them. To do so, you should create a course using one of the best online platforms. You have to have a great platform to run a successful online course.

A great design also means that it will be easy for learners to access and use the course, which makes it more attractive. When it comes to selling an online course, you have to impress the learners from start to finish.

Create Great Content

After you attract students to your online course, you have to prove to them that their purchase was worth it. The key to doing so is with great content. Content can be great in a variety of ways.

The first way is that the content should be as educational as possible and teach the learner as much as necessary. Secondly, you should strive to make it as simple as possible to improve the student’s understanding of the subject.

The third element of successful content is its delivery. A great benefit of online courses is that you can choose whichever way to present your content. You just have to make it as engaging as possible.


Another secret ingredient to a bestseller online course is to make it as interactive as possible. The students should be able to interact with all facets of the course whenever they can.

First and foremost, you should offer your students a chance to interact with you. A great online course should include customized guidance and feedback from the teacher.

They should also be able to interact with the content of the course as well as other students. Creating quizzes where they can get immediate answers, and grading them based on difficulty is a great example of making an interactive course.

Make it Fun

Finally, and this might be the most important ingredient of the course, you should make the course fun. Online courses offer the chance to escape the boring traditional lecture method of learning to whatever method you can choose.

The fun does not mean an easy course. In fact, most people have more fun with an increasingly challenging task than an easy one.

You can make your course fun by imbuing humour in your content, having exciting ways of delivering content, or creative ways to have students interact with each other. A fun course will always be a bestseller.

There are many more ingredients that make a successful online course. The six above are a great starting point.

An online course should be a memorable experience as learning anything else should be. If you include the above ingredients, it certainly will be.


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