Benefits of Marketing Your Business with Free Plastic Cups


Benefits of Marketing Your Business with Free Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are a staple of every family home’s cupboard. They are durable, easy to use, and simple to keep clean. No one wants to have to do dishes constantly, after all. For companies that are looking to become a part of their local communities, giving out free plastic cups emblazoned with your company logo can be incredibly useful. Here are just seven of the amazing benefits you’ll unlock by marketing your business with free plastic cups: 

1. Reducing Your Company’s Environmental Footprint

Many people still use one-use cups in their homes. To help them behave more responsibly, you can give them free plastic cups with your brand emblazoned on them. They will appreciate the free merchandise, they’ll be much more likely to go about their future dinners in an environmentally friendly fashion. Every time that they see your company’s logo, they will be reminded of the favor you did for them, which will hopefully help you create a valuable repeat customer. 

2. Built-in Visual Marketing Appeal 

Custom plastic cups are perfect for visually striking advertisements. Think of your favorite fast food chain, and you’ll immediately understand how creative you can get with a cup’s design. If you craft a snazzy-looking plastic cup to give out, customers will begin associating your brand with a nifty visual style. Make sure to take your time with the actual design process when you’re crafting your promotional cups. Even if you go with a different item to promote your business, taking your time with the actual design process is key. 

3. Cost-Effective Promotion 

Especially if you’re running a small business, every dollar that you spend on advertising needs to turn a profit. Thankfully, using promotional item giveaways to advertise your business is a tried and true method. Not only are plastic cups extremely cheap when bought in bulk, but they can be given out at a wide variety of events. While you’ll have to make a small investment for the cups, the ROI you’ll receive when you give out lasting advertisements to your customers will be difficult to overstate. 

4. They’re Strong and Durable

Plastic cups are strong and durable, especially if you make a point to buy a high-quality product. Thanks to this quality, you can feel assured that these organic advertisements will be built to last in your customers’ homes. The more often they bring the cups out to use, the more frequently your company’s products and services will pop into your mind. If your customers are bringing over guests, and they give them a promotional cup to drink out of, you’ll expand your brand’s visibility that much further in the public eye. 

5. Connecting with Your Community 

When you give out free promotional cups, you’re showing the community that you do business in that you care about them. As your cups fill up more and more customers’ cupboards, your brand will become a household name. The more connected you are to the community, the more likely people will be to seek out your brand for the products and services they need. If you can sponsor community sports teams and other events, you’ll become even more successfully ingrained in your business’s community. 

6. They’re a Safe Alternative to Glass

While glass cups are fancier, plastic cups are both longer lasting and safer to use. For families that are receiving your promotional cups, the fact that they’re plastic will be a godsend. Young children can be messy and destructive, so every plastic cup a family can get their hands on will come in handy. Especially if they throw a birthday party for one of their children anytime soon, the extra plastic cups you’ve given them will be useful. 

7. Everyone Loves a Free Gift 

No matter who you are, a free gift is always welcomed. When your customers deal with businesses, they enter into the scenario expecting that the company only wants their money. By showing your customer base that you care about them enough to give them free merch, you quickly stand out from the crowd as a genuine company. 

Consider Co-Branding Cups with Business Partners 

Do you have local businesses that you partner with frequently? If so, you should consider adding both your company and their company’s logo on the cups that you’re giving out. Doing so will expand the influence of your brand that much further, and will help you cut the cost of investing in the cups in half. Partnering up with local businesses can do wonders for both your public image and your bottom line, so be sure to consider this advice when you start your next promotional merchandise campaign.

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