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The 11 Best Productivity Apps of 2018



Productivity apps and efficiency is a match made in heaven.

These 11 productivity apps can have a profound effect on your productivity levels if used correctly. Each productivity app is specifically designed to reduce time, headaches, and inefficiency in your life. Our team did a thorough analysis to find the best 11 productivity apps in the world so that you can live life easier!


#11 DuoLingo

This is your chance to learn and master another language for free. This opportunity has never been offered in history before. We highly recommend you download their app today!

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#10 Evernote

“Capture, organize and share notes from anywhere. Your best ideas are always with you and always in sync.” Their description really sums it up. The art of notetaking will never be the same.

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#9 Buffer

This app gives you the chance to manage all of your social media accounts on one platform. Buffer gives you the ability to do everything from scheduling your posts, to building your following.

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#8 Slack

There is a reason Slack is and always will be the number one productivity app on earth. Slack keeps you on track, engages the team, and is always on for you!

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#7 DropBox

The iconic DropBox is the godfather of cloud storage. There are few apps out there with such a simple concept that creates this much value.

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#6 Trello

The almighty scheduling app. This application allows you to break down large projects into small achievable tasks. It’s a great way to get the team on board with the mission and keep everybody on track.

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#5 Wunderlist

The goal is to get stuff done! That is exactly Wunderlist’s goal. Set the tasks ahead and tick them off!

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#4 Dashlane

Have you forgotten your passwords before? Yes, we all have. But that problem can now be solved with Dashlane.

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#3 MailChimp

Email marketing has never been easier with MailChimp. Automate and build your email subscription services. It’s simple and easy to use.

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#2 Pocket

Have you ever seen a cool article or video that you really wanted but couldn’t save it for later? With Pocket, now you can!

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#1 ToDoist

ToDoist gives you the peace of mind of having all of your tasks and lists in one place. No need to switch from app to app anymore. This is your one-stop for productivity.

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